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DC Metro Acupuncture | Whole Health Associates - Amy Lewis offers acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutritional counseling in Washington DC . She is the former team acupuncturist for the Washington Redskins

Country:, North America, US

City: -111.6133 Utah, United States

  • TaosDude - Works as Advertised.

    I've only had couple of months but so far seems to be working as advertised. Simple to set up and activate. Shipped in timely manner. Use in vacation home in remote location, accessing the cell service was no problem.

  • Mom of 2 - Works perfectly!

    Fits my bassinet mattress perfectly, and it's a very nice, soft material. I actually bought two of them because it fit so well.

  • Matthew Swager - Don't be on your last leg and hobble over to get the iWalk

    This little device has helped me get around for the last month and without I don't think I would have been able to leave my apartment. I started using it four days after my ankle surgery, about a week and five days after my bike accident where I broke all three bones in my ankle, and it took less than an hour to put it together and get use to it. By the next day I was back at work managing high school students and hearing every pirate pun in the book.

  • Angela Borden - Surprised at the pain relief so far

    I have very very bad pain in my shoulders arms and collarbones almost on a daily basis. My husband has disk degenerative disease. So we both suffer from pain issues. I saw this on Amazon, and after reading thought I might give it a try. It shipped really fast and also arrived very quickly. Thankfully it came in today on an extremely bad pain day for me. I had taken ibuprofen with no relief at all. I decided to try using this on the arm that hurts, I figured that it could not hurt. Open opening the first thing that hit me was the smell of mint and a lemony scent. I no that spearmint is good for a localized pain reliever. Lemon grass oil has been known to be great for arthritis and muscular pain when applied to the painful area. So I already was happy with that. After reading the ingredients on the side I saw menthol which is a good pain remedy, and also chamomile, sandalwood, and juniper which are all great for pain relief. So I applied some, not a lot mind you, to the pained area and I was having relief in minutes. It did not stop completely, but there was a big difference in the margin of pain. I wad actually able to enjoy my evening with my kids and not be crippled by my pain and have to pop ibuprofen constantly. I will continue to use this and will update after a more prolonged use and update on my experience. I received this Hot cream by baebody in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

  • Carly Christine - I love Blue!! but..............

    I hate to give this anything less than 5 stars simply because I am pro crazy hair colors and I love Blue so much. This is my first time however doing my own hair with such a bold and unique color and I intend on trying again and again til I achieve my beautiful blue. This however did not hold on my hair. I spots and my roots are brighter then ever with Blue. then the rest of my hair comes out looking gray which is not bad at all but the way its all looking on my hair looks messy and definitely looks like I ha dno idea what I was doing. I wet my hair this morning 2 days after I dyed it and blue just started drizzling down my face. If it was red I'd be a little freaked out. I wash my hair thoroughly so that may be the problem why it didnt stick. Also i put too much on my roots and had barely any left for the rest of my hair. But I conditioned it through. My front roots are all confused. They are either blonde, white or blue and I dont know how in the world they are not all blue since I wasted most of the dye on the front part. This brand is great with the colors and you need bleach blonde hair though to get the results and more then one box. I don't want pastel blue I want rich rich royal beautiful blue. So I will by 3 boxes in case. I will try again. Not sure of this brand but since its now available in my local store I might try it out again.

  • Leigh - ACA Software made my job MUCH easier!

    Just the thought of having to figure out how to file these new IRS required forms was a pain to start. When I found the ACA Software by ComplyRight it made my job so much easier. It has validation on the screen that helped me fill out my form and I just received the update that turned on e-file so now I can e-file and be finished with the process even sooner than expected. This was a great purchase and I'm glad I found it!

  • Deborah Barandiaran - Good but could be better

    My daughter and I wanted to work out together. We thought great! We created two accounts. We bounced around the program and found some interesting workouts. You can address different parts of the body and it keeps track of your calories burned. There is also a section of dance routines if you want to do something other than a workout. We thought we could work together but unfortunately you have to work the routine as an individual. There are routines where another person can join in, but you can't pick a person out of the list of players.