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  • Travis L Smith - Beginnes

    Ok this is a nice book for as far as I have made it. But beware that it starts out like you have never touched a computer before. so anyone that is half way familiar with office products might get bored with the first couple of chapters?

  • Amazon Customer - Great mats. Fit is perfect

    Great mats. Fit is perfect, and design is good, edges are raised to hold in spills or water, mud, snow or "slush." Look great. Worth the dough.

  • Handy and sturdy - Handy and sturdy

    At first this seemed like it was a bit heavy. It is, but that makes it sturdy. I have used it to move a chair and couch from one room to another as well as gardening supplies, mulch and plants to the back yard. This is a versatile item that is handy to have. I wish I had one sooner.

  • Lisa - Love the cream, but....

    I love the body cream, but not at that amount! It's much cheaper/safer to order straight from Plexus Worldwide website with an actual Ambassador (#367433). Curious why the large markup?

  • Teni V. - 06 Chrysler 300c 5.7L tranzformer

    I have it for about 3 years Amazing how it makes my 06 Chrysler 300c even more fun to drive all the settings change rpms 0-60 burnout mode awesome and more you can do for low price I'm berry happy it takes about 45 minutes to install but it's worth it I recommend this product

  • Mach1ownr - Here is the good. Runs very quiet

    I bought this with a wheel kit (must have if you move it more than once). Here is the good. Runs very quiet. I had mine about 50 feet away and could hear my neighbors down the street, about 600 feet away and my other neighbors on the other side of my house about 700 feet away over mine. Starts after 2-3 pulls. Ran all day (10 hours) powering my fridge, deep freeze, tv, router, cable modem, voip router, 2 phones, and 2 lights on just under a tank of gas.

  • Erin - So, I know it's written for unhappily married men, but...

    If this book were a hard copy, I'd be buying in bulk and passing it out everywhere to unhappily single guys and girls, happily married people, EVERYONE. It's just useful information. And as a typically shy, awkward girl, I find that this book really helped me to open up and better explore my femininity while being more confident and playing around with what parts of the MAP could apply to me, like working out regularly and weeding out all of my DLV's. This is an empowering book! Read it.