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Mylan – Seeing Is Believing - Why Mylan? Because our passion, innovation and commitment drive us to set new standards in health care. Seeing is believing.

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  • APSc - Helps with weight gain, but not worth the side effects

    Our daughter is petite, always has been. She's not unhealthy, but it's hard for her to put on weight. She's highly active and actually eats really well for a 2 1/2 year old. She just has trouble putting on weight. So every now and then I'll buy a 6 pack of Pediasure to help her along.

  • Shop 24/7 - Stronger Hair

    My hair started thinning from me wearing extensions. My hair is bra strap length naturally curly. Years ago I used hair loss products to get my hair thick again when I had it professionally colored. We all know that sometimes bleach can take a toll on hair.

  • amy akel - Great! However, needs a wii fit board to play!

    Works great!!! However, you need a wii fit board to play this game! you can still play a couple challenges, however for most, you need a board! Hope this was helpful!

  • M. Johnson - It's like stepping back in time and reliving some great moments in NFL history. Plus, ref says: "She likes Itallian food."

    This a a great read for anyone who was a football fan in the late 80s early 90s (even if you are a Hawks fan). What I appreciate most besides the incredible story of Steve Young's life, are the various names of players and coaches Steve played with and against. Being a Hawks fan I found it fascinating that Mike Hologram was Steve Young's coach at BYU. I did not know that. I knew he was the QB coach of the Niners when he was there, but not the coach at BYU.