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  • Hailey T - Decent quick read.

    It's a very predictable if inconsistent story. The writing isn't terrible but the author uses the same words and phrases repeatedly, and there is little to no character development. Max and Lola Grace's relationship goes from 0 to 100 unrealistically. Let's also not talk about how stereotypical and, honestly, kind of annoying Lola is. Perfect "tiny" body, magically naturally huge breasts despite this fact, beautiful long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes...straight out of Hitler's wet dreams. There also seems to be a few ideas the author just didn't explore, or forgot to elaborate on, such as Max's fascination with BDSM which is briefly mentioned only at the end but is written like its a huge point in the plot. The "villains" of the story were so callous and cold and detached that they felt more unrealistic than anything, as I couldn't find myself even hating them since it was so ridiculous. Overall if you want an easy read with some mildly entertaining smut, this book is for you. I typically find myself craving more than just random sex followed by magical, irrevocable love, though. Sex can be both steamy and realistic, both of which this author kind of missed the mark on unfortunately.

  • AP user - Great emergency light and all around lighting for picnic table

    These lanterns are really bright! I would like to have a lower power setting instead of lowering the light into the unit to reduce the amount of brightness. The COB LED's put out a better light then lanterns with all the individual LED's. The flashlight is an added bonus light that I didn't think would be that great, but it has bright focused light. I bought these as backup lighting for the up coming winter storms coming this year if the power goes out.

  • T. Grouse - Shouldn't Have To Buy 2014 - Built In Expiration Of Bank Download

    QuickBooks is the small business accounting software standard, but what many new users don't know and won't find out until three years later is that this software has a built-in expiration. You can't download and import bank information after three years and thus force you to upgrade. I would love to switch to another accounting software for this reason alone, but my accountant (like most) uses Quickbooks as well.

  • Delaina N. Baker - This product did not work and was not effective. ...

    This product did not work and was not effective. In fact I felt more bloated then a cleanse. I was hoping to get a cleanse and feel healthier and lighter before my wedding, but this product did not work at all.

  • E. Brefka - Works For Me

    I have extensive problems sleeping well through the night but usually shy away from taking anything to help. I've been on Ambien before but don't like the time and expense of having to see a doctor to get it, and I've used Advil PM when I was desperate. Yes, I knew when I bought this product that the active ingredient is diphenhydramine - I read the ingredients list. I liked that the product is available in a liquid for ease of use and because it should help the body absorb it faster. (I have never found Benadryl to work for me - either for allergies or sleep - I don't know why - but I trained as a pharmacy technician for 18 months and held the PhT certification for some time, and pharmacists can advise that the same products don't work exactly the same way for all people.) The ZzzQuil is working for me - it kicks in quickly, gives me a restful night's sleep, and I wake up at my regular time in the morning (less an alarm) with no fuzzy or drowsy effect. I've been using it for a week and feel more rested than I have in some time. If it doesn't work for you - then discontinue it and don't purchase more. If Benadryl works for you - stick with it. In my case, I'm pleased with the convenience and effectiveness of the ZzzQuil and intend to continue using it - not every single night - but definitely on those nights I know I'll have trouble getting to and staying to sleep.