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  • CGroovy75 - Pretty good, not great

    The exact blender I ordered a few months ago isn't appearing anywhere on the page, but hitting "Write a product review" from my past orders took me here. I also got a bonus spatula with my order.

  • Amazon Customer - An editor would help this author

    This book started out as a nice little sci-fi story but turned into a bad young adult romance novel. The author has some talent and she could have turned this into a good story but switching genres in the middle of the book made me stop reading.

  • Krystn M. Gustafson - If I could just get it on my faucet

    ***Update***. After writing the below review, I promply received an email from the company's customer service member, Eva. She was wonderful and said she would help me right away with my problem. I am awaiting a new filtration system with direction. I am very happy with Mancel's attention to detail and customer service. I will ipdate this review when I receive the product and attach it to my faucet.

  • Lalakers - Good customer service

    I first bought the Zooki charger ans it stopped working a couple days after using. My iPad beeps and the charging battery symbol blinks when plugged into the zookki. It did not charge. When I plug the IPad mini into the wall socket, it charges fine. Ditto for the Samsung products. The blue lightening bolt was blinking instead of being steady. I returned it and the company immediately contacted me for a replacement. They sent me a new one right away. The new one has been working so far. Customer service is very important to me so I was happy they took the effort to correct the situation. I will update this post again after I use the product for a more extensive time period and add stars if it works for a prolonged periods to help future buyers gauge this product. I bought it on a special and the price was the lowest for these types of chargers.


    I am 47 years old with three kids. I have had years to put weight on and take it off. This is the ONLY product that has worked. This, coupled with the Turbo Diet book (about $6.95), which fine tunes the amount of Almased used, has helped me, my husband, my older son and my daughter to loss a combined amount of weight of over 100 lbs. within weeks. And now that the holidays are over, we will be using Almased again.

  • Deev Murphy - No arguing with success

    Where I expected drivel, I found substance. Where it looked cutsy, I turned out to be grounded. Where I expected nothing, I got so much more than I ever could have imagined. The editor in me is amused at how the magazine is aimed to an attention-deficit readership - the articles are SHORT, with lots of bouncy graphics. But they have excellent content, perspective shifting ideas, and there's really no faulting anything that helps nurture a happiness meme. I can think of no better example than this month's feature article, on Gretchen Rubin. Gretchen is bright (personality & mentality), upbeat, a natural connector. It's seriously hard to imagine this woman ever was challenged to either be immensely happy or to grapple with bad habits. But who better to help people be happier & develop better habits than someone who aces both? Her books - which I expected to also be sunny drivel - made a change in my life. Many changes. Can't argue with success. Ditto for LIVING HAPPY magazine. I've been reading it since Jan 2015 - four issues - and my life, already famously happy, is even more so. And headed in new, fabulous professional directions, thanks to LIVING HAPPY. Why five stars? Because there's no arguing with success.