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  • Amazon Customer - Get the preclense pills as well and take for 1 every 5 hours (6 pills takes a day and a half) and drink as much water as possibl

    If you use correctly this stuff is a miracle worker. Get the preclense pills as well and take for 1 every 5 hours (6 pills takes a day and a half) and drink as much water as possible also best to only eat fruit veggies and fiber while doing so. Then three hours before a UA chug the drink. 15 minutes later fill bottle with water and chug. Piss 3-4 times before UA and you should be as good as gold. I just passed a UA for probation in 48 hours and I'm a heavy smoker 4/5 times a day and also 6'4 250lbs male in good but not great shape. 100% recomended

  • Frobisher - Who Designed The Interface?

    Full disclosure: I've been a Nero user for years and am very comfortable with it. However, my version won't run in Win 7, and when (as a Vine reviewer) I got the chance to try Roxio 11 for free, I decided to go for it. (I should point out, also, that my first burning software was the predecessor to Roxio before Adaptec split it off, though that's been years and years.)

  • V. Munoz - Are you ready?

    This program is not for everyone. Please ask yourself if you are ready to change your lifestyle before you begin. It is not a "cleanse" and that's why I like it. Instead you eat whole foods (fruits & veggie through day 11 and then introduce grass fed protein and wild caught fish through day 21). I'm not sure how people feel they starve on this program. You will battle cravings and you will quickly learn that you probably eat for pleasure or out of boredom as you'll find those urgings kick in when you are already full. Fight through and stick to this plan. I wanted to give up processed foods, sugar and begin to eat for life. This plan readys your body for that transformation if that's what you are looking for. I lost 10lbs in 6 days and did not feel deprived. In fact I learned to savor fresh nutritious foods and enjoy the natural sugars of a date versus chemicals. I'm only 1/3rd of the way through and am so excited for my complete transformation. My vision is clearer and brighter. Not really sure how to put it all in words. I'm listening to my body more. Definitely buy through the Standard Process company to make sure your product hasn't been tampered with and includes the complete amount of product needed to complete this program. The toughest part for me was swallowing all the capsules! The food prep takes a little work so I suggest writing out an eating plan for each day before you start. The booklet you get gives you recipes and snack ideas. Are you ready? If yes, then start this!

  • Woods - Great stuff

    Always good. Always does what it should. I remember my mom getting this exact same product from "The Watkins Lady" (who went door-to-door back then) over 40 years ago. It has always been great for cold symptoms, scratches, scrapes, and you name it. (If I say too much more, I'll sound like the old medicine man hawker from 100 years ago. But it is good stuff!)

  • John J. Mazzella - A must read for any back pain patient or doctor!

    I have been a practicing Chiropractor for 14 years. I started using the techniques described in this book on my patients and began to see improvements the very first day! If you have been suffering from chronic pain and have been unable to live pain free, you need to read this book. If you interested in improving your athletic performance on any level, you need to read this book. If you simply want to get more out of life from a health perspective, you need to read this book. I just ordered 10 copies and I'm going to start giving them my patients!