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James Hyman's Quantum-Theta Deep Emotional Release Bodywork - Natural alternative healing; transformational shamanic energy work helps overcome emotionally related stress, depression, anxiety, low energy, low self-esteem

  • Shaman Healer, James Hyman Transformational Healing Sessions | Deep Emotional Release and Quantum-Theta Healing - Master teacher and healer, James Hyman offers transformational healing sessions, phone sessions and skype sessions for healing, personal growth transformation.
  • Transformational Skype and Telephone Sessions | Deep Emotional Release and Quantum-Theta Healing - Alternative health requires emotional clarity. This Emotional Healing Therapy developed by James Hyman works with the body, subconscious mind, quantum-theta field to identify and release core emotional issues from body and mind for healing and to move your life forward.
  • James Hyman Emotional Healing and Spiritual Practice | Deep Emotional Release and Quantum-Theta Healing - James Hyman is a world known healer, psychic and counselor. His work has helped thousands become more clear, connected and creative in their lives and spiritual
  • Hot Springs Retreat for Sale | Deep Emotional Release and Quantum-Theta Healing - Shamanic Transformational Deep Emotional Retreat at Rio Caliente Hot Springs Resort Retreat Hotel, in the Primavera Forest in Central Western Mexico

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  • Movie Fan - Suspend your disbelief and brace yourself for not so good dialogue

    It is what it is... A disaster movie with a script that seems like it was written by a high school acting class. How it plays out on the screen is great and exciting, but when the actors start talking, yuck. But the special effects extravaganza is great fun to watch. I's a disaster movie with lots of death and destruction and mayhem, etc. But that is what I pay the money for. If only the scripts for these kinds of movies would be of better quality then everyone would be happier. But it is what it is....a disaster movie.

  • Joseph P. Vitalo - If you need cold drinks there are plenty of cheaper alternatives that work better for the price

    It will keep ice for a day but it won't keep your coffee hot for more then 1 hour, save you money use a 15 dollar

  • Miss R. - Don't Buy - Fake!!

    I buy this product every 3 months normally from other suppliers or beauty bay. I ordered this to take on holiday with me. Just opened it for the first time today and instead of the yellow almost slimy texture with a sweet marzipan smell that it normally has. This is white like wallpaper paste and has no smell. I have just had to shampoo my hair twice to get the stuff out. God only knows what's in it, but it's quite clearly fake. Amazon have agreed to refund me but as I am now in holiday I have no conditioner for my hair! Which is a must in the sun. Plus it was so heavy to put it in my suitcase I sacrificed other items. It is now going straight in the bin and I will only buy from trusted sites I have used before

  • Patricia A. Conti - absolutly an awesome product

    I uave waste length hair and hate to use harsh store products. I was looking for a great nurishing product that made your hair shiney and healthy. This product does all and more.My hair is healthier than it has been in years!

  • Hayden P Gaussoin - Don't know if all golf balls are like this off the belt and need to be polished ...

    I play a lot with Callaway Warbirds and never had an issue but when I opened these I noticed the finished coating on the balls was poorly finished - lots of bumps. Don't know if all golf balls are like this off the belt and need to be polished off or if it's a manufacturing defect but they weren't the same quality warbirds that I am used to...

  • Amela Kuduzovic - I bought this for my best friend for her birthday

    I bought this for my best friend for her birthday, she couldn't believe I paid $50 for it and didn't really like it at first until she did her makeup and highlighter. needless to say she is in love with it now, even got her cousin one as a gift.