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  • Andrew Franklin - The big drug test o should i say the 3 big drug test

    I got a job in the healthcare industry about 3 months ago after i finished college as many of you know in college 80% of all students smoke pot thats just a fact ! so when my employer told me 1 day in advanced that i would have a drug test i did not know what do do i freaked out because i had been toaking for like 8 months straight, i knew that with out help i would not pass this test and would get fired so i looked online and read reviews for this amazing product prior to my test i stopped smoking ( so basically stop smoking for 24 hours) i took about i gallon of water like 4 hours before the test peed everything out then 30 mins before the test i took this drink and it worked passed the test , my employer has since tested me two more times LULZZZZZz and i passed every single time . if you smoke pot and your employer is trying to catch you riding dirty make sure you buy this drink and have it in stock like i do .

  • SAILORKIR - I love these socks!

    These fit very well and had great staying power, they remained up for five hours of walking around before I had to pull them up. The pattern is just lovely on these too. Nice and simple!

  • corini - Like epoxy, only easier and more waterproof

    I actually bought this to seal the bottom of my outdoor cedar chair legs before painting it. Was going to use epoxy, but this is simpler and it's waterproof. It's done a great job. Don't have to worry about the chair sitting in water puddles or splintering when dragging it around. Have repaired some loose chairs with it. Don't care for the foaming effect though. It's a brittle, hard drying glue, not flexible. So remember that if your gluing up wood that needs to flex a lot, like laminating. Does what it says it does for what I used it on. Can't complain about that.

  • william - Good kids game.

    My daughter loves this game. No pressure. Just dance and have fun. The fact that a lot of the ones she wants is only with a subscription drops off a star.

  • laurel richardson - very sturdy

    This is a very study and well built wall mount. Even though the weight was mentioned, I did not realize how heavy it was. Of course, to support and protect the TV, that is probably good, but I was expecting something light and easier to mount. Once mounted, it is very good and durble.

  • jennie - Had to return ~

    I had read about the smell of this cutting mat, but some of the reviews said their mat didn't have a smell. So, I took a chance. I'm sorry to say that the smell was much too strong, even after airing it out, and I returned the two mats. Then I went to Walmart and checked out their mats which are identical to these, brand and all. They, too, had a strong smell. However, the smaller Fiskars mat (18" X 24") at Walmart didn't have the smell. It is also a self-healing mat, but it's a different color. I don't know if the color has anything to do with it, but I bought the smaller mat and am using it. Everything is fine so far. I don't think I have ever advised against a product from Amazon, but I would advise folks not to buy these Fiskars 36" X 24" mats if they don't like strong chemical smells!

  • M. C. - Smells awful!

    This cream smells awful! It's the worst cloying sweet smell ever. I have no idea if it even works. I can't stand to have this product in my house. Ugh.