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  • Amazon Customer - Disappointed

    Sorry to say that I am disappointed with the book. It gives you month to month predictions. I thought it was daily and only focus on Leo.

  • BobS - Incredible results!

    Incredible- there's no other word to describe it. I had a pair of 3"long very light, very visible scratches on Audi A6 door. First I touched it with the 3000 grit sandpaper. Then rubbed in a small dab of tube #1. For 60 sec, it looked like nothing was happening other than possibly making it worse. 15 sec later, it disappeared. I rubbed off the residue and polished with a dab from tube #2. Now I am not even sure WHERE the scratches were. And my clear coat is still perfect. Amazing! 10 stars for this stuff.

  • Robert L - company is repsonsive - cartridge was not

    I purchased this when the other brand I buy was out of stock. I had problems immediately with toner being thrown in random places making pages a mess. I wrote in on amazon and the supplier is VERY responsive and sent a return sticker (prepaid) immediately. We had to hold off on sending back until a new cartridge arrived (from another manufacturer) - as we are a business who uses many many many cartridges and can not be without our printer (this printer is the only one though for this model cartridge - all others are the same) ... after a week it has started printing correctly. We shook it out .. blew out the printer- tried everything we knew - but for a full week (and about 100 - 200 pages) we had to reprint many pages. We are not going to bother returning this now - as it is working - but candidly - the correct thing would have been for this manufacturer to rush us out a replacment.

  • spartacus215 - WW1 style Warfare to the T.

    I will start off by saying that I picked up the Deluxe Edition at Gamestop this past Monday at Midnight. I have been gaming since FPS and 3rd person shooters started going mainstream including franchises such as Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Spec-ops and finally Battlefield. I love them all and for what it's worth each franchise has had there own ups and downs. I will do a revised version of this review after I beat the campaign. I have played the MP for roughly 14 hours and I'm addicted to it. The sound is Superb in every facet from gunfire to explosions and the vehicles are very realistic.The graphics are on another level and there were times while I was playing on my PS4 during a MP session that I had to stop and stare at the maps I was running around in mid match. The gameplay is fresh and ripe with old and new features combined. The mode Operation is the newest game mode and it's so much fun. I'm on level 18 at the moment and I have got a great sense of this game and it's a game I have zero regrets about buying. The modes are fun and the maps are Impressive and a sight to behold. The 64 player matches are just ridiculously fun and harrowing all at the same time. The unlocks and ranking up system are done wisely. I would say to pick this game up ASAP and I promise that you will love it. I have been a COD fan and a Battlefield fan for many years as they duked it out yearly and this year Battlefield is King in my opinion. They brought it back to boots on the ground and a war that is very seldom seen in games. The COD franchise keeps it in space after 3 plus years of the community saying they are sick of it. Activision doesn't give a crap about the community while EA does. The only reason they're pairing COD 4 remastered with Infinite Warfare instead of buying it separate is because they know they would sell a fraction of copies if sold separately. The last great COD was "World at War" in my opinion anyways GO and BUY this game meaning Battlefield 1 lol. A True Masterpiece. I will also say that if anyone says this game sucks they're without a doubt a COD fanboy.

  • Amazon Customer - Beautiful and exceptionally crafted

    Been buying these ornaments for my wife since we started dating. Just as beautiful as every year. I personally love how they throw light of the tree if you hang them in front of a bulb just right. Will be buying this series for many years to come.

  • Tim H. - Its a complete waste of storage and bandwidth

    Stay well away from this. I don't care if your just gonna kill time. I could not make it 15 minutes into this. This is typical free Amazon movie fodder. Its a complete waste of storage and bandwidth. If there was a zero rating, this would be in that class. Why is it even in Sci-Fi section? Just because of some random space shots? Starting to think the cost of Prime free movies ain't worth it anymore.....