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  • john luk 的 DC鏡頭下 ...西湖印象 ..網上相簿分享 - 網上相簿 - john luk的ECfoto.net網上相簿分享 - 相簿: DC鏡頭下 ...西湖印象 .., 相簿分類:風景, 相簿標籤: ,免費註冊, 無限儲存空間, 分享你的網上相簿
  • john luk 的古鎮同里 ...網上相簿分享 - 網上相簿 - john luk的ECfoto.net網上相簿分享 - 相簿:古鎮同里 ..., 相簿分類:風景, 相簿標籤: ,免費註冊, 無限儲存空間, 分享你的網上相簿
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  • paulsir 的BoBo Kwong @ My Sexy Way網上相簿分享 - 網上相簿 - paulsir的ECfoto.net網上相簿分享 - 相簿:BoBo Kwong @ My Sexy Way, 相簿分類:肖像-人像, 相簿標籤: ,免費註冊, 無限儲存空間, 分享你的網上相簿
  • john luk 的古鎮甪直 ...網上相簿分享 - 網上相簿 - john luk的ECfoto.net網上相簿分享 - 相簿:古鎮甪直 ..., 相簿分類:旅遊, 相簿標籤: ,免費註冊, 無限儲存空間, 分享你的網上相簿
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  • paulsir 的BoBo Kwong @ Sexy Cat網上相簿分享 - 網上相簿 - paulsir的ECfoto.net網上相簿分享 - 相簿:BoBo Kwong @ Sexy Cat, 相簿分類:肖像-人像, 相簿標籤: ,免費註冊, 無限儲存空間, 分享你的網上相簿
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  • Four Season 的Air Gear - AA網上相簿分享 - 網上相簿 - Four Season的ECfoto.net網上相簿分享 - 相簿:Air Gear - AA, 相簿分類:肖像-人像, 相簿標籤: ,免費註冊, 無限儲存空間, 分享你的網上相簿
  • nba0311 的Joy網上相簿分享 - 網上相簿 - nba0311的ECfoto.net網上相簿分享 - 相簿:Joy, 相簿分類:肖像-人像, 相簿標籤: ,免費註冊, 無限儲存空間, 分享你的網上相簿

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -122.3933 California, United States

  • Steph S. - Love it!!

    Works just as described! You can see the aeration bubbles and smell and taste the result. Easy to clean!

  • Thomas V. Hagerty - Check spelling as you type does not work

    At first I thought I liked Outlook 2010. But then I wrote some emails and found that the "Check spelling as you type" function did not work. I went to the editor options and found this function was grayed-out. Then I went to the Microsoft Discussion forum called Microsoft Answers. Many people had the same complaint about the spell check. A Microsoft MVP gave us a curt answer to our problem: "You have to buy the office suite in order for the spell check to work." Neat!

  • Amazon Customer - Expensive and Ineffective

    I was really looking forward to trying this product. I was convinced after reading everything about it that it was the solution to fighting wrinkles. I ordered online from the website and was told it was back-ordered but would ship in ten days. One month later I had to call to tell them that I had still not received the product. They apologized and I received it in a week. I was so convinced I would have dramatic results that I took "before" pictures. I faithfully applied the cream twice a day every day, but I saw no changes. I even tried just doing one side of my face so I could compare the difference. The write ups say that there may be a tingling feeling and a tightening feeling, but I didn't feel either. I wish I had, then at least I would have felt like it was doing something. As time went on I used a little bit more each time (to try to get some result), but you can only put on so much before your skin takes on a yellowish cast...not good. The worst part was that when I got down to the last bit of the cream my husband asked, "Whatever happened with that new wrinkle cream you were so excited about, is it still back-ordered?" Not exactly a rousing endorsement. I am only in my mid-thirties. The wrinkles I have are fairly shallow, but visible. If this didn't work for me I'm not sure how it could work for an older person who is trying to combat wrinkles that have been around for awhile. I hope this review helps someone in their decision making process. I wish I had read a review like this before I wasted my money.

  • Jose - Great UPS

    Great UPS. I really like all the different display options, especially being able to turn off the display completely. The UPS is doing exactly what I expected it to do. The USB charging ports are especially handly.