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Support for Warfarin Users • Eat on Warfarin - Support for Warfarin Users to eat healthily and live positively. Follow Cath's journey. Get information and support. Books. Useful tools. Recipes. Articles

  • About Eat On Warfarin and Cath Atkin • Eat on Warfarin - Why did Cath Atkin set up Eat On Warfarin? What support do we provide for warfarin patients and their family, friends and carers. Learn more here.
  • Warfarin Information: questions answered • Eat on Warfarin - Want to know more about Warfarin? Find Warfarin information that will answer your questions about this medication and food, health conditions, interactions
  • Articles about warfarin related topics • Eat on Warfarin - Looking for articles about warfarin and related topics. News and advice. Hints and tips. Interesting facts. Patient stories. Factual articles.
  • What can I eat on warfarin? • Eat on Warfarin - What can I eat on warfarin. Learn more about the interactions between Warfarin and what you eat. Find out about foods to avoid. Learn about vitamin K.
  • Warfarin Books by Cath Atkin • Eat on Warfarin - Are you looking for more information about warfarin. This series of Warfarin Books written by Cath Atkin provide straightforward, easy to understand facts
  • Have you been stung by a wasp while on Warfarin? • Eat on Warfarin - Have you been stung by a wasp while on Warfarin? Was it more painful? Did you react more severely than when you were not on warfarin? Should you take pain..
  • Warfarin and Vitamin K: New Book Out Now • Eat on Warfarin - Warfarin and Vitamin K and Protein. Eagerly anticipated new book by Cath Atkin. Warfarin and the effects of Vitamin K and Protein. Buy now on Amazon.
  • New treatment of acute stroke patients being pioneered • Eat on Warfarin - New treatment of acute stroke patients is being pioneered around the world. A high tech cooling body suit has been shown to provide better chances of long
  • Inspirational Stories from Warfarin users • Eat on Warfarin - Read the inspirational stories that some of our Warfarin users, or their friends, family and carers, have agreed to share.
  • Warfarin forms to record INR and dosage • Eat on Warfarin - A handy range of forms and templates to help you manage your warfarin therapy, record INR, warfarin dosage, appointments and much more
  • FAST stroke campaign - try FASTER • Eat on Warfarin - You've heard about the brilliant act FAST campaign to help people recognise when someone has a stroke. Well I wan't to tell you about act FASTER. See video
  • BloodWATCH System: understand clot risk • Eat on Warfarin - Unique BloodWATCH system. Understand the terminology around warfarin, INR, risk of clotting, risk of bleeding, anticoagulant effect, therapeutic range.

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  • Guardiansaiyan - Creative Cloud NOT worth it, get CS6!

    Creative Cloud is a waste of time due to the fact that no one uses all of these programs the whole year around. I am a student and the price is still expensive compared to the older versions I don't have to worry about.

  • SHANNON/ERBB - Love Holiday Books!

    I very much enjoyed this book just as I have all of Debbie's books. I find them very entertaining and I try to collect any of them I find. I especially love my holiday books. This book is really touching, It is about kindness and just how far it can go. I look forward to reading more of Debbie's books.

  • Wendy Brown - Great Product!

    We've been using this product for years now. It certainly takes care of the flea problem here in Florida where they can be really bad. We toss this around our entire home...floor areas, carpet, tile, and wood floors. We leave it down for about a week and then vacuum up. It prevents any flea infestations for 1 full year. This size container actually will cover a home of almost 4000. sq feet. You don't have to really over-do it. Just a little heavier near baseboards and you are good. We really don't see any bugs or pests at all with this product. Can't say enough about it. It was originally recommended by our Vet. We have a "Fleabusters" service here in Florida and used them for a few years. They basically do the same thing. They spread this product all over your floors and into your furniture. Suggest you leave it down as long as you can stand the dust and then vacuum up. It is not toxic to pets or humans. We highly recommend this product. You will not be disappointed...even when the very expensive pest companies and pet flea products don't work anymore....this does!

  • Marti - Good Ball - not the greatest but a good ball

    Good Ball - not the greatest but a good ball. I'm a mid-high handicapper quickly getting better, and while I will continue to play with this ball sparingly moving forward, I'll anticipate playing with recycled Pro V1s in the future. Despite that, can't beat the price and quality...and these balls last for freaking-ever. In Hawaii I'll play with these balls during those god-aweful rainy days when I'm likely to loose about a dozen when they get plugged into the fairway. Good deal guys!

  • Linda Damery - Very disappointed

    This book was to come with a CD for use in the computer. The book was purchased for my daughter to take a class using the book and CD. Where oh where is the CD? Would like to return the book for one with the CD.