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  • Fred - Works great and is easy to use.

    I do electrical work as a hobby mainly because my home needs all new wiring. Wiring is actually fun too but wanted a tool to be able to test my wiring job. Although it does not test every thing it test what I need. So far every outlet I tested says it is wired correctly.

  • Amazon Customer - ... GRE in a few months and I am so glad I found this book

    Taking the GRE in a few months and I am so glad I found this book. I haven’t been in school for a couple of years now so I need a book that is designed to prep someone who has been out of the test taking game for a bit. It is a practical guide for someone like me. I love that it starts of addressing general test taking strategies to help you get over the test taking fear and self-doubt that so often accompanies taking standardized tests. For instance, there are strategy sections called “understanding the intimidation,” “no fear.” And “you’re not expected to be Einstein.” The sections are brief but motivating. If nothing else, this book will definitely boost your confidence and get you comfortable with sitting down to take the test, which is one of my biggest hurdles. The practice test is over 20 pages long and the answer key and explanation section is another 10 pages. So it’s thorough. I would recommend this for its tips, motivation, and thorough practice exam. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

  • Diverkia - Authentic, Well-Produced, and Simply Loveable

    This is one of Lady Gaga's most well-produced albums. With producers and Grammy winning artists such as Mark Ronson, Florence Welch, Beck, BloodPop, Kevin Parker, Josh Homme, and Father John Misty involved, there is no surprise that this album is cohesive and flows so naturally. Joanne tells the story of a young New York girl whose happiness, sadness, tragic life experiences, and motivations are so relatable and carried through her music. This album is an ode to her later aunt, Joanne, whom Gaga believes would've wanted to spread messages of love, compassion, and self-care to the world if she were to be alive today. She does all that with this album and still manages to keep every song memorable, catchy, and plain gorgeous. I will for sure purchase a vinyl copy once it's available for those days when I want to relax and sing-along with my close friends. This is Gaga like we've never seen or heard her before, with no hard to understand lyrics or outfits. It's Gaga wanting to reflect her desired world in her music: easy, loving, and deep. I have been her fan since The Fame and I can tell you that it's refreshing to see an artist be capable of successfully reinventing herself and her sound. This album does not resemble her previous hits like Just Dance and Poker Face, but it does remind me of her less popular ballads. This is music that the world needs right now and will soon come to appreciate. Tracks on this album will make you smile, cry, and think deep about what our relationships with others and ourselves mean.

  • Kristopher - Another #1 Album for Lady Gaga

    Instantly loved this album! I wasn't expecting ANY of this, and I'm glad because it means my Favorite Artist can still surprise me.

  • Art K. - Five Stars

    Another brilliant and insightful book by Malcolm Nance! A must read for anyone interested in cyberwarfare.

  • Amazon Customer - Soft and Comfortable

    I have been using this mouse mat for about a month now and I really like it. It's soft and comfortable. I do have a wrist rest built into my computer tray, and the mat is just an extension of that. I've worn out several of the gel wrist pad mats but so far I prefer this mat. If you are into gaming this probably isn't the mat for you as it sometimes drags, but for my work and home it's great.

  • Brien Bear - Why?

    Why would Encore/Hoyle not update their software for today's standards? If you full-screen it, it looks like crap. If you have it in a window, the window is tiny and has black borders all around, making it virtually unplayable.