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  • Vander - Just What I Needed

    Microsoft Publisher 2010 was just what I needed in order to print certificates and redo my resume. I'm really glad I made this choice.

  • pavixen88 - Just my opinion

    I bought this as a gift and I was ignorant to not know that Wii and Wii U are two different games and they do not work on each others equipment. I was fortunate that I had another nephew who owned the Wii U and was able to give it to him. I think once you buy a game if you decide to upgrade your system you should be able to use your games on a new system.. What a racket. Not the sellers fault just the greedy industry and their hunger for profits.

  • RayW - Well flowing Adventure

    I was never a great fan of the serial. I would always wait until it was all published and then read the story at once. Amazon made me an offer on this I could not refuse, and frankly I am glad. The book engages you quickly and does not let up. As a serial it can not end on a boring section (which a lot of books have) so the adventure is always continuing

  • Justin - Great Book for Beginning Investors

    This is a very interesting book. I recently got into the stock market and I am very eager to learn how investing works. Although there are rich information online, but this is a great and informative book you can read while on the train. Let me start of by saying that the author introduced the reader with basic information about the market. The book introduces you to different terminologies and in-depth details of what they mean + examples. The authors’ talks about the data related to the graph and trend analysis. There is so much to learn about investing and the market. As a beginner, I would definitely recommend everyone to start off by reading this book.

  • EdPontiac - Nice set of wrenches at a good price!

    Nice assortment of sizes. You should be able to find the size you need for most jobs. Seem to be of fairly good quality. I don't need tools very often, so this is exactly what I needed. It's for "just in case". I like the roll-up case they come in.

  • Jen Leigh - The phone was perfect and the case barely scratched

    I have had an otter box for 4 years! I left my phone on the hood of my car and it came off while driving. The phone was perfect and the case barely scratched! I had to buy a new phone because mine bit the dust and I automatically wanted an otter box!

  • Ready Reference - This is a fake. You'll lose money and possibly lashes.

    I should have realized this was a fake when: the cap was a different color than the tube, the logo was different, the tip kept coming out, the color of the primer was cream rather than beige, it was very liquidy, and it didn't seem to work for very long. I just bought another tube from Sephora and it was back to the right stuff, just like the one before I bought this. There is also a possibility that I developed infected eye lashes from this product as they were very itchy and falling out a week or so after I started using this. If you notice any of the attributes I described - beware. This was purchased from Sanchez Bargains. When you buy the real product, it works very well at holding your shadow and liner. The real prodduct is also good for brow fill-in applications too.