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Dr Amy Yasko - Recovering Autistic children and adults with neurological conditions - I believe that recovering any child from autism or any adult from a neurological condition is a process, it is not accomplished by a single compound or

  • About Dr. Amy Yasko | Dr. Amy Yasko - Amy A. Yasko, Ph.D., NHD, AMD, HHP, FAAIM   Dr. Yasko has extensive expertise in biochemistry, molecular biology and biotechnology. In addition she
  • Our Unique Approach | Dr. Amy Yasko - This program began with adults, was adapted to help those with autism, and now has come full circle to be used by children through adults for a range of health
  • Looking for additional information on Dr. Amy’s Protocol? | Dr. Amy Yasko -   Start with these FREE resources! Facebook Follow Dr. Amy on Facebook for recent findings and interesting articles relating to her protocol www
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  • Shane Windham - Proven effective, but this is one LOUD odor

    After doing some research, I knew this product had numerous studies backing it which show that it works more slowly than benzoyl peroxide (common in most face washes), but that the tea tree oil has far fewer side effects. And so far, so good. It's keeping my face clear and it also delivers a very pleasant and cool tingling sensation wherever applied. I also like that it's not drying the skin on my face out the way that most face washes do. The only real negatives here are the price and the smell. To be fair, this is less expensive than a great many acne products, but it's still no bargain. Even when diluting it with two parts water, you're still likely going to go through the bottle rather fast. The biggest negative, however, is the scent. It's not the most unpleasant smell ever. Some people may even like it. It's just not something you can have anywhere close to your nose without it being overpowering. The scent itself (to my sense of smell) is a cross between muscle rub and cough drops. So you can count on this product improving your acne. Just be aware that your loved ones may keep their distance from you while you've got it applied. Nonetheless, I recommend trying it out!

  • Sheree Wagner - No different than any other supplement

    It is no better than any other glucosamine/chondroitin supplement, but a lot more expensive. Did not help my joints any more than any other has.

  • Honest Abe's Used Cars - Quicken holds you hostage

    Too bad there is not a zero rating available to give this. Does anyone know if there is a competing personal finance software option?

  • Bao Hoa Thi Tran - Careful

    I used this product instead of Proactive hoping it would work so I could save money but turns out this product i bad for senstive skin. Each time it got rid of a pimple, a new pimple would pop up. I didn't really have bad skin but I think I got worse skin after using it. It would be called Free Ance instead of Ance Free.

  • Mickey Dragon - that's my only disappointment. I suppose that is not the seller's problem

    I was thinking the song "rock steady" would be on here, that's my only disappointment. I suppose that is not the seller's problem. Thanks for the quality CD.

  • Lastchild13 - The best silk therapy a girl could use

    In my opinion, this is the best silk therapy out there...even better than argan or morrocan oil. This does not leave any buildup on your hair, adds a beautiful shine and tames any frizz you may have ...even in humid weather. This is also a great product to use on your hands and or body for moisturizing. I have used this for 15 years and it has saved my hair from a lot of damage from blow drying, coloring and flat irons. A little goes a long way and this product is worth purchasing.