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  • Michael Kidd - Disappointing

    I took this product faithfully for a month and it produced no discernible increase in my energy. The taste is ok but not great.

  • Angela Jones-landry - I love it!

    The WW pedometer is great. My only complaint is that there should be a better explanation for calculating one's stride. The default stride was off my actual stride by 5 inches which can affect accuracy. When comparing my activity points prior to and after use of the pedometer, they were very consistent. I now know how much to add from my whole day of walking. I highly recommend this item but purchase from a WW meeting. I got mine for $18 with a $5 off coupon.

  • garkin - They really need to work on allowing people to enter their serial numbers without setting up an account.

    Good software, but a terrible activation system. I had to register the product and set up an account before I could activate it, since the initial activation page does not allow you to enter the entire product serial number and it said that my serial number was invalid until I completed the registration and was able to enter the entire product serial number.

  • monicapalacios - As good as usual

    The 2013 selection of readings was as good and complete as usual in the series. The first one: "Finding Oscar..." about the Dos Erres massacre in Guatemala was my favorite of the non-fiction selection, and "Everyone's Reading Bastard", by Nick Hornby, was the best of the fiction.

  • Mustang - Early Filing Problems! DO NOT BUY - YET!

    While I have bought this program for the last 5 years, I was your typical late filer (4/14) and had no issues. But, this year because I am submitting college financial aid applications, I have to file early in order to be accurate and to meet the application deadlines. I e-filed 3 days ago and got a rejection from the IRS for my son's 1040A because it did not have the AGI for 2011. This is his first time filing and there is no 2011 AGI. But, the program and the IRS are looking for it. There are directions for no 2011 AGI and I followed it, but the e-file system is still looking for a 2011 AGI. Now, I have to file by mail.

  • K. Cooper - Total waste of money and time!

    Total waste of money. Lots of money. Didn't last the winter. Huge chunks are missing. For all that time prepping, applying, and the ton of money we paid, I am beyond disappointed. We are not painting novices. This product is terrible. I am really disappointed in Rustoleum. I used their oil paint on my cupboards 7 years ago and they still look great. I trusted the Rustoleum name and it was a mistake. I will contact the company but I'm sure it will somehow be our fault. For people in northern Michigan, the only one who did not have peeling was someone with a roof over their deck. Everyone else I talked to up here had problems.