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  • NCWA renewal attendee - annual writers guide

    Every writer, agent, critiquer, publisher, copy editor needs to buy tis book annually, It has been a resource for any years, and I have bought it every year.

  • warriornavada - Great

    Fit perfectly in car. And great for collecting all the sand/terf/dirt etc. that I track in! Everything washes off really easily! And I LOVE that these are made in America!

  • SC Garden Gnome - Kill my stomach.

    I think these tablets probably work very well but they tear my stomach up. I take them with food and water and for hours my stomach is so queasy feeling. I take one at a time and another at night and I just don't think I can take them any more. No matter what I do they make me feel so ill. I wish I could take them.

  • Paul E. Stauffer - As good as the first one, if not better.

    Since I saw the trailer for this in late 2015, I have been in great anticipation of seeing this movie. Over the top special effects, lots of action, and the new alien mothership is cool. I was kind of surprised to not see Will Smith back in this one. The soundtrack on this movie WILL tax your subwoofers.

  • Roland L - These headphones will have enough battery life to be actually be useful when needed

    The Senso ActivBuds S-250 BT headphones is meant to be used outdoors while exercising or during strenuous activity, so I did not expect audiophile quality sound even if it is advertised with "Pure HD Sound". The shining features for these headphones is it's ability to play music for "up to" 8 hrs, while the 30ft maximum operating distance and IPX7 waterproof rating are just icing on the cake.

  • tacovengeance - Horrible CD ROM

    I'm 100% certain that no one at Kaplan proofread the questions on the CD-ROM. What I don't understand is how they can possibly offer this material as test prep, meant to simulate the actual GRE, when they obviously haven't even attempted to go through the practice material themselves. What are they scaling the difficulty by? How do they know if they've made a question too easy or too hard if they won't even work on their own problems?

  • MaryM. - Disappointed

    We live near the water. I've only seen one rat, but that was one too many. It's not a large area. Just a small screened in porch with an attached laundry room.