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  • How To Choose and Mount a Replacement Garage Door - Discount Tetracycline - How to Pick and Mount a New Garage Door The most familiar types of garage doors frequently made use of in residential garages are retracting, canopy, side pivoted, and sectional retracting doors. As compared with old garage doors, brand-new garage doors...

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  • Mom2TwinBoys - nice, soothing bath for sensitive skin

    This is a nice product. I don't have babies anymore but I have seven-year-olds with sensitive skin. This is a nice product for those evenings when they need a little more calming down in the bedtime routine! :) And it hasn't irritated their sensitive skin. There's actually a grownup version of this by Aveeno that I love for myself, as well; remarkably calming.


    This is the best teak oil sealer you can buy. I use it to refurbish my teak dining table and chairs that are kept outside. Not only does it last for a long time (at least one or two years for me) but it brings back the color to original teak color. This was the second jar I have purchased and I would not use any other product but this one!

  • Amazon Customer - ... growth serum a few weeks ago and really am happy with the product

    I started using BANG eyelash growth serum a few weeks ago and really am happy with the product. I have in the past used Latisse and had amazing eye lashes, however it was expensive and when I stopped I noticed a difference, and had thin, short eye lashes. I as trying to make due with mascara alone, but never really felt satisfied. I started using this and with in a week I noticed my eye lashes were darker, and more noticeable. After a another week I have noticed they are again longer and I'm not frustrated each morning with looking like I have no eye lashes. It come in a tube looking like mascara, and has an easy brush applicator. I just apply the serum to the base of my eye lashes each night before bed, and wash my face normally in the mornings. I do think its an easy product to use, I have found to be cautious about not getting it in your eye, it does cause some irritation, but only for a second. It has been easy to avoid this also by using a mirror. Great product, I plan to continue to us it.

  • Anonymous - Great product!

    I have tried many volumizing hairsprays. Some were too "wet" & did not work as advertized & others made my hair look "unmovable." My experience with this one has been great. It really works and has not made my hair look "unmovable" as long as I do not use too much. This is the best of the volumizing hairspray I have tried. Both the spray & play and the spray & play harder are very good products.

  • Roseann McLean - good product

    Good product. Fit great. Easy to install. Only issue was directions were unclear, but eventually figured it out.

  • A. Q - I hope the company never goes out of business!

    I don't really care for the strong smell, but this is just one of those items you always need to have on hand. I've never used the soap on a daily bases but my family has been using it for years. I have sensitive skin, I can only use unscented laundry detergent and special body soaps or else I get itchy and break out. I've never had problems using this soap even on the most sensitive areas. I pretty much use it like it's a medicated soap. If I get a little itch or smell it immediately works. After using it I always feel fresh and the smell doesn't linger long.