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  • Contact - This website is only an example on how to edit your website, so none of the information you will...

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -77.4728 Virginia, United States

  • Otis Pierce - Works

    This product works well for me. I have seen good results after just one month and am looking forward to trying more.

  • Lisa Ledoux - Maybe I'll have better results later But so far no change in vision

    I have been taking these for a week. Maybe I'll have better results later But so far no change in vision.

  • Ryalda - Ditch your wallet!

    I LOVE this case. It is perfect for eliminating a wallet. I really like how this case holds 3 cards. I get so much attention when I travel about how cool my case is by holding my cards. You never will leave home without your wallet with this case. It is fantastic!

  • IT_Architect - False Positives, incorrect driver information, incorrect system information...

    I own an IT company, and we are frequently evaluating products for our own use and our customers. The concept of one tool that keeps software and drivers up to date, cleans the registry, and protects the computer is good. My biggest problem with it, is it shows false positives, and I have found many other posts on the internet that confirm my experience. That can only mean one of two things, neither of which are good, and has only one result. Curiosity got the best of me as to which, so I dug a little deeper. It doesn't appear to be intentional, but the result is I cannot trust it. Judging by the virus name, it appears they are using the same detection mechanism as Lavasoft's Ad-Aware program, which generates the same false positives from its not-so-good heuristics. Since it won't tell you the files unless you buy, I ran Lavasoft's Ad-Aware to see which files before I call it a false positive. It thinks encrypt.exe from DesignCAD is Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT and mgtools.exe, a Major Geeks anti-malware tool, is Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Agent. I didn't let it scan any more to tell me a fairy tale about the root kit, and fished the two files out of quarantine. It also states it finds out-of-date drivers. I decided not to be too hard on it, and picked an easy one, the audio driver. It said it was up to date. It wasn't There have been several revisions since. OK, I'll do a tough one then, the video. It was closer, but not up to date. If they are using Microsoft's driver version, that would not be a safe bet. Computer manufacturers may use a certain manufacturer's chip sets, but often design added features into their own card, thereby requiring a different driver. Example: Your video might have an nVidia chip, but if you install the driver from nVidia, you may very well encounter problems. This is doubly-true of laptops. The hardware manufactures even state not to use their driver unless you have a retail card. Microsoft Update never updates hardware drivers automatically because of this. My hope was that it would check the computer manufacturer's site. Unless it does, the feature is worse than nothing because it can mess up your machine, and Microsoft will have the same drivers on their update site. It's software analysis is good. Having that up to date can save your .... It's registry analysis is accurate, for what it finds, however, if you use one of the free registry cleaners ahead of it, it does not come up with significant issues. It thinks my system has a Intel Core2, but it has an Intel Core2 Duo, not the same at all. These discoveries do not not instill confidence. As one poster mentioned, this is not a fast process as shows on TV. The sun would be rising after the girl's night out before the scan finishes.

  • Amazon Customer - i hate deet smell so i cannot use other repellant

    pleasant smell and it does repel mosquitoes. I have been using this for a few summers. i hate deet smell so i cannot use other repellant. I hope more stores carry this and more people use this, because i dont see this in local stores, and i am afraid it may be discontinued one day.

  • GeneL - Read the fine print prior to purchasing Acronis software. They only support for 30 days

    In Late April I ordered software, True Image 2016 for one computer and 2 days later I again ordered True Image 2016 (3 computer). I finally installed it on one PC in July. The back up failed. I tried again and it failed again with same VSS Snapshot error. I put it away and used Windows 10 back up. Yesterday, August, 10th I was ready to install it on 3 more computers so I tried to backup again and it again failed. So today I scanned Acronis support site and I did not find a fix or explanation. I did see and tried a support chat and I was notified my support had expired on 31 May, 30 days after I purchased the product and informed I have to pay for support email or chat. I will not pay their fee and I can't return it To Amazon but I can buy a better product with better support.