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Aneros - Aneros prostate stimulator provides intense male g-spot prostate stimulation. Self driven anal sphincter driven. Prostate massage orgasm. Patented.

  • Learning center - Home - Welcome to the world of Aneros, where we make products that are expanding the horizons of human sexuality. Here at the Learning Center, learn about our innovative design methodology, how our products work, detailed instructions, and much more.
  • Aneros Helix Syn Silicone Prostate Massager - The #1 best-selling Aneros Helix Syn is simply an amazing prostate massager. Its Velvet Touch silicone coating adds a level of luxury and comfort to the popular Helix design.
  • Aneros Helix Classic Prostate Massager - The Aneros Helix Classic is the original plastic version of the most popular Helix design. With a large, bulbous head and angled stem, the Helix Classic is a great choice for users of all experience levels.
  • Aneros Vice Vibrating Silicone Prostate Massager - The Vice combines our hands-free design with an extra level of intensity through our Muze vibrator, in a smooth, silicone package. Winner of the ANE "O" Award for Outstanding Product Design For Men.
  • Aneros Evi Kegel Exerciser - The Aneros Evi allows one to comfortably perform Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Its unique patented hands-free design also as a pleasurable element for a most enjoyable form of exercise.
  • Sessions Lubricant | Aneros - Aneros’ own specially formulated water-based personal lubricant comes in a 8.5 or 4.2 oz bottle. Perfect when using an Aneros massager or any anal toy.
  • Aneros Progasm Prostate Massagers - The Aneros Progasm is our largest prostate stimulator. Coming in 4 different finishes, the Progasm combines fuller sensations with the trademark hands-free prostate stimulation for the ultimate male pleasure.
  • MGX/SGX Classic - <p> Originally designed for the Asian market, the smaller SGX is great for men 5'6" and shorter or for those who are interested, yet apprehensive about prostate stimulation.</p>
  • Aneros Progasm Jr. Prostate Massager - Faithful to its namesake, Progasm Jr. produces the same robust prostate massages of the Progasm Classic, while its smaller scale is ideal for regular use
  • Aneros Peridise Anal Toy - The perfect introduction to unisex anal play, Peridise continues the Aneros tradition of intelligent design. You’ve never experienced an anal toy like this before because there’s never been anything like it. By utilizing the body&#8217;s natural responses
  • Maximus Classic Prostate Massager | Aneros - The Maximus classic is a larger prostate massager for men who are looking for fuller sensations.
  • Eupho Classic Prostate Massager | Aneros - Great for all couples or the advanced Aneros user, the Aneros Eupho classic offers progressively rewarding sensations as a man develops greater control over this model.
  • Aneros Tempo Stainless Steel Unisex Anal Toy - Tne Aneros Tempo is a unique unisex anal toy which can be enjoyed by a man or woman. Its hands-free design triggers pleasurable sensations throughout the anal canal which can ramp up into full-blown anal orgasms.
  • Aneros DeVice Silicone Prostate Massager - DeVice’s battery-free design offers a similar experience to our award-winning Vice, but without the vibration. It is also hands-free and handle-free, which allows users to sit on the massager and employ their hands in other creative ways.
  • Aneros Prostate Massagers - The family of world-famous Aneros Prostate Stimulators to allow men to reach sexual pleasures never before experienced.
  • Aneros Sex Toys For Men - A great selection of sex toys for men, including our Aneros Tempo and Peridise Anal PC Toys
  • Sex Toys for Women | Aneros - A curated selection of the best sex toys for women, from our amazing Aneros Evi to classics like the Hitachi Magic Wand
  • Sex Toys for Couples | Aneros - A curated selection of the best sex toys for couples to enjoy, increasing intimacy
  • Lubricants | Aneros - Our very own Aneros Sessions and Marksman lube shooters are the recommended lubricants when enjoying your Aneros product.
  • Masturbators - Aneros | Creators of the World-Famous Aneros Prostate and Male G-Spot Massagers. Anything Else is Just a Toy!
  • Special Offers | Aneros - Receive great savings when you purchase of one our special offers on Aneros and complementary products.

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  • Pamela - Love it!

    Love this stuff. One container lasts for a long time (i.e. years). A little goes a long way, and it does a great job cleaning. This gets off the tough stains without requiring too much elbow grease. I will be a lifelong customer of this product.

  • Krieger Conradt - This is a great product. I watched the tutorial videos in the ...

    This is a great product. I watched the tutorial videos in the help menu and several others on YouTube and made my first video ever. Easy to use and actually fun to use to.