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  • jennifer - Great product for nursing moms

    I had purchased this three years ago when my son was born and it helped so much. So when my daughter was born five months ago I wanted to use it again. Happy to see it was available on Amazon and the price was lower I was going to go to a health food store where it's 40 dollars. Impressed with product.

  • Henry E. Davis - The Ninja BL771 1500 Watts Mega Blender

    I had watched the infomercial for some months but was a little sceptical about what I saw, being aware of the cosmetics of some of these information videos. Nevertheless, I decided to give the blender system a try. So in December 2012 I purchased one from Amazon. It arrived sometime later, well packaged and in excellent condition. We looked at the infomercial again and doubted that it could produce dough in the time shownin the vodeo. Much to our surprise, it did just as demonstrated in the video. We have since used it for everything in the kitchen for many kinds of juices, ice cream, cocount grating and much more. We no longer use Lux or Kitchen Aid for preparing dough. The Ninja is much quicker. My wife who at the beginning doubted the capability of the system, now swears by it. We both agree that the Ninja Mega Blender, while an excellent addition to any modern day kitchen, will occupy the same place of honour in any commercial setting where food preparation is the principal undertaking. We love our Ninja system and ask,"Why was it so late in coming." One word of caution, though-the blades-, they are very sharp. So exercise due caution when you are washing then.

  • michele stuehler - nice replacement antenna

    My antenna was broken off and I needed a replacement. Was exactly as described and seems to do the job.

  • N. R. - Fantastic Product

    I ordered my first bottle during the beginning of my 2nd trimester. The oil created better elasticity as my tummy grew and as a bonus, faded scars from the multiple laparoscopic surgeries that I've had. I recently purchased a 2nd bottle because I just can't live without this product. In addition to using it morning and night I'll apply more when my tummy feels dry and stretched. Now in my 3rd trimester and only recently am I seeing signs of tiny stretch marks (they are hereditary after all, but as I can personally attest, can be staved off for a time). I highly recommend this product for prego ladies and individuals who want to lighten stretch marks or surgery scars.

  • thedude - If you drink beer, buy this machine.

    This little machine makes bottled/canned beer taste the way it was originally intended by the brewmaster. That is the best way to describe the difference in taste. My GF and I aren't big beer drinkers and almost never drink canned/bottled beer, but we do enjoy a beer on tap at a bar occasionally. Fizzics brings the bar tap taste and feel of beer anywhere you want since its battery operated, appropriately sized, and light weight. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who drinks beer.

  • S. Armstrong - Wow!

    Talk about hanging off the edge of your seat (a chinese wooden toilet seat that is!!)!! Not since the Plop plop fizz fizz jingle have I been moved so much! Starts off slow, but once you get to the end, it's a real pincher!