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  • George F. Hawkins - installed easily, works as designed without problems

    Arrived promptly, installed easily, works as designed without problems. I am perfectly happy, and it was much cheaper (half?) than the dealer wanted.

  • Wanda McKolskey - This Book Can Save Your Life

    For a while now, I have committed myself to never, and I mean never, go on any prescription medication. I am very sensitive putting chemical in my body. Not only that, I'd realized that doctors were only treating the symptoms and not the cause of illness. I'm one of the fortunate ones for I have a medical counselor who I can consult with any time I have a health issue that needs addressing. She's the best and the cost is free. All of her advice on what I have to do have been bang on and the only time she advised me to go to a doctor was to get an antibiotic cream for my leg. In fact, the only time she will suggest I go see a doctor if it's an emergency (such as a serious cut, car accident etc).