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  • STUNALEY - Ver effective at cleaning gum line and between teeth

    A very powerful and professional cordless oral irrigator from SmarToiletrie. This is a very powerful tool to support your oral health and to ensure nice clean gums and teeth. This holds a fair amount of water and comes with four Jet Tips so you can get the best clean possible. This is cordless and rechargeable and has 3 modes to meet your cleaning needs, soft, normal and pulse. This allows for water pressure from 40 to 90 pound per square inch and does a tremendous job at breaking up plague on the first pass. A water pic is more effective for improving gums health vs. the traditional string floss.

  • Mark Twain - "Best" is Subjective

    There I was, tipsy and in the mood for a so-called reputable short story collection; I'd browsed the indie lit mags and found some lacking, some not, still hungry for something, well, I don't know. Established? Renowned? Curated?

  • henryhomeowner - Let Comey off too easy

    Gave the book four stars, rather than five. HRC and her evil husband are pure white trash. They are true sociopaths and should not be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office. This book lays out the case against them pretty well. HOWEVER, Klein handles FBI Director Comey with kid gloves and fails to even mention his ties to the Clinton Foundation, as reported by Breitbart and others. Why?

  • PhotoDorer - Best Server OS I've ever installed.

    Server 2012 R2 Standard (2CPU/2VM) is the best you can get currently depending of course on your purpose for the OS. Installation was a breeze and insanely faster than prior MSoft Server OS's. It's lightweight (for Windows) until you load up all the server roles you may need, but the whole point of this license is to allow you to keep the OS's light weigh by Virtualizing other machines and having the jobs spread out!

  • Amazon Customer - but I still love the print and the size

    Mine came without the shoulder strap that was in the description, but I still love the print and the size!

  • Not Just Your Average Joe - I love Anolon cookware

    I love Anolon cookware! This is my second set purchased through Amazon. My first set lasted 10 years (it was not the advanced set) and would have lasted longer if properly cared for, but some members of my household were not very attentive to how they treated the nonstick surface. These will start to fleck if the surface has been roughed up, and heated beyond what is recommended. With that said, I still believe this is some of the best nonstick cookware the average person can buy for everyday, household use. I've had no problem whipping up great tasting family meals in these. The only thing that I would like to see added to this cookware is a vent hole in the lids.

  • Dean Pennington - It's Microsoft, what can I say

    Í didn't get this version because I had Windows 8 or because I want to store anything of mine in somebody's cloud (the virtues of which are inauspicious at best IMHO). I thought the basic colors chosen and the others available are washed out, blah. What I wanted and received was a version of Outlook that had more to it than what was first given the public in 2003. The other products in the PRO set (the only set that includes Outlook) are fine and I think I'll do fine with them. I expect excellence from Microsoft at this point, they're too far along in the business to be making major screw-ups. This way of delivery with a box for the store shelf and a download link inside is a logical advancement in fulfillment.