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  • Arlene James - I already own this item but bought one for my ...

    I already own this item but bought one for my sister. The part of the case that houses the battery has a tendency of slipping off, and I'm not sure of the purpose of the light, but it does the trick.

  • moose - Simplisafe, pretty simple

    This system arrived in about 3 days as promised. It was packed nicely and easy to access all the components. The installation was very easy...just read all the instructions especially when you install the sensors, they do have to be aligned to the magnet in a precise manner. I installed the whole system in less than one hour. The only issue I had was the sensor for my front door which is a metal one. The sensor kept falling off which is something that will cause the alarm to go off. If you have a wooden door, you will be fine. I had to end up putting some gorilla glue on the back and that seemed to do the trick although I may have a bit of a mess if I want to move the system when I move. The system is very easy to use although the keypad doesn't illuminate and I have trouble seeing it without my readers. There is a keychain remote that has a button for shutting the system off and another button for setting it when you leave plus a panic button. If you are at home you have to use the keypad to set the alarm which is still easy...just hit "home". They allow you three days to learn everything before you go live with the monitoring station so if you make some errors you don't have to worry about getting a call. I like that one of the components (that actually contacts the monitoring center) has a light at the base that turns on/off and has a voice that tells you when your alarm is set for away, home, or if you are testing. I do recommend Simplisafe, it was about half the price of a local company that I contacted initially and the monitoring fee is very reasonable. Watch the video on their website for further information.

  • Nancy W - Does Work!

    I was skeptical when I bought this but am no longer. This does really work to relieve the pain I have from arthritis in my one knee. From the very first treatment I gave myself I honestly felt a difference. I continue to use this as directed, two 15 minute treatments a day and am so happy that I bought it. The price was the best here at Amazon that I found when searching to find something like this to try.

  • Bradley A. Swope - Not a Sequel to "Built to Last"

    REVIEW: How do you become "great"? Well, you study what the great do and emulate them. That's the point of "Good to Great". This book answers the question, "How does a good company become a great company?" The research team found 11 companies that met their stringent stock performance criteria exemplifying "good to great". Then they collected, filtered and studied tons of data on these companies and determined the patterns that explain how they became great companies. They distilled their findings in a fairly simple, easy to understand model having six components. I'm very often disappointed with models used is business books (note: this is not just a business book) but the models used here seemed natural and didn't come off as forced or too clever. While the book is based on very in-depth research, it does not read like a research report. The author has done an excellent job at bridging the gap between first rate research and a mass market audience. Many best sellers are "fad" books - this one is not. Highly recommended for those interested in organizational excellence.

  • Michael R. Johnson - One of my favorite hair products I've used

    One of my favorite hair products I've used. I have medium-thick hair, and this is great for holding tall spikes, messy spikes, faux-hawks, comb-overs or any other way I do my hair (I change my hair a lot).

  • Emily Alsup - Wonderful for shingles and psoriasis

    This is an amazing product. I had a recent doubt of shingles which is painful and extremely itchy. The prescribed medication did little to help heal the lesions or manage the itching. Emuaid helped tremendously with the pain as well as itching. It also helped to clear up the lesions. I have also begun to use it on my chronic psoriasis which is often itchy and inflamed. Of the dozens of products I have tried this is the only one that has helped to clear my psoriasis plaque and soothe the inflammation. Overall, a fantastic product for acute and chronic skin conditions.