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  • Dr. SnagglePuss - Screen Flickering

    First off, I like the look of this charger and it has a great price point. My two main complaints are:

  • H. Falcon - Five Stars

    I am by no means an expert on hair products, but I've used enough to know a good product and Old Spice Forge is exactly that. Forge has good hold, is very pliable, doesn't leave your hair shiny or crunchy, and costs about $5. You can't beat that.

  • Theresa - Do yourself a favor, folks, and read all the reviews.

    No index so that you an find info quickly, recommendations of products that contain fillers, etc, major health issues many people suffer from not addressed at all such as estrogen, adrenal and thyroid issues - the author simply bashes bioidentical hormones. The cost of $10 mentioned in the title is very misleading as it's just not true. Including a simple chart to show names, dosages and times to take which supplements would have been such a huge addition - the author is clearly lazy and cares mostly about looking hot for his hot wife! If the supplements mentioned in this book are all we need to be healthy, why does the author sell his own line of different, very expensive supplements? If you're on his email list, you're bombarded daily! Do yourself a favor, folks, and read all the reviews. 5 star reviews are fished for and sometime paid for here at Amazon. I was pretty disappointed with this book.

  • KenInCLT - Beautiful, as always, and a quality product

    beautiful, as always. I have been collecting these for the past several years and am slowly building out my collection with the years prior to when I started purchasing them. They are not cheap, however. Beautifully made, quality product. I buy two every year - one for myself, one for my MIL.They are, without a doubt, some of the prettiest ornaments on the tree. Getting ready to start decorating this weekend!!!

  • Momnurse - not really needed

    I thought I would love this book but I feel like I wasted my money with it. My school requires us to take the Online Kaplan program so I bought this to help with it and its now just another book on my shelf

  • crystal p. - waste of money!!!

    i bought this because mine expired. i went to install it followed all the directons, updated my account info and it would not download. contacted the customer service and they said i had no account with them. um, yes i do. i even had emails that say thanks for updating your account information. so basically since i used the code on this lap top i cant enter it again and im out 14 bucks. im so glad i didnt pay full price for this junk!

  • Jeff Moroz - Easy to install and works great for hauling both my ...

    This rack is well worth the money ! Easy to install and works great for hauling both my kyaks,not to mention how much cheaper it is then the mopar one. I was skeptical but once I received the product and installed I couldn't be happier with it!