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Center for the Study of Tobacco and Society - - Resource at the University of Alabama that houses the largest collection of the history of tobacco and cigarette marketing.

Country:, North America, US

City: -87.5859 Alabama, United States

  • Mark Pierret - Ok, but not what I ordered

    I ordered the blue, older product , which I think tastes better than the newer Tangy Tangerine 2.0 in the orange container. The supplier sent me the orange container. Not a total loss, because the newer formula is drinkable, but not what I ordered.

  • Thomas F. Bender - Just okay, sights don't line up perfectly as you really want them too.

    The sights aren't as good as an arcade shooter, but better than the CTA wii rifle. The calibration wasn't on the mark either.

  • D. Morris - This is really a great product!

    My skin is freakishly sensitive to a lot of products but not 1 single problem with this product. I have only good things to report, improved tone and texture and more balanced appearance of skin color. My skin drinks it up and actually appears more radiant than I have seen it in years.

  • Anabelleleigh - Still have redness and bumps

    I bought this due to redness and bumps on my bikini line. This is primarily alcohol and does help dry out some of the bumps, but I have found it does little to prevent new ones. It's really done nothing to eliminate the existing bumps. I wouldn't purchase this again.

  • RogueRiverRealtor - First time with dutch oven

    I bought a Le Creuset after looking at the other dutch ovens available. I figured it was worth it to buy the best, especially since a good seal is important for some dishes, like chicken & dumplings. I browned a small pork roast in it, then covered and baked it. It was juicy and tender, by far the best pork roast ever from that same wonderful recipe I'd used many times before. I understand that there is an Internet site for dutch oven recipes, and I'm going to go look for it!

  • Daniel - Best cordless earbuds ["I've Tried!"]

    If your looking for the best cordless earbuds? These are so far the best I've ever tried. Great sound for being Bluetooth and it's a good mix of both bass and treble. They last for quite a long time to. I've yet to really do an extensive test to get an exact number but they're great for workouts. It gets rid of the hassle of the cord always getting in your way and comes with 4 different ear piece sizes in the box. The only thing I will say is a little annoying is the little blue rubber piece that sticks out of the ear bud. Those I personally cut off but outside that they're really comfortable and great for the cost! They also work on Windows phone for those that use those.