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CS GO SKINS KARAMBIT - Roulette, Mystery Box, Free Coins! - So from my point of view, e-sports is actually slowly dying despite expanding, and unfortunately its only going to get worse because developers are driven by the market and not the game-play. But anyways thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed if you did remember to smack that like button and if you are not subscribed hit that subscribe button now and follow that Cod Kid.

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  • RVTJess - BEST Facial Serum for Under $30!

    I am in my late 20's and a big fan of "preventative" care. After doing a lot of research of different skin care/serum products, I was always taken aback by the really high price tags for a tiny amount of the "good stuff" until I came across an article that mentioned "best facial serums for under $30". This one was the highest rated among the list.

  • Melody - Dandruff be gone.

    5 stars for a dandruff shampoo combo that consistently works! For whatever reason our hair/ scalp decides to get used to a dandruff shampoo and become immune to it, I have yet to run into that problem with Selsun blue. I started using the 2in1 version just by chance, but it really leaves my hair I feel more conditioned and squeaky clean. I have oily hair so that's important to me. Im really thankful im done trying different dandruff shampoos. The gross dandruff stays gone and I cannot be happier.

  • J. Phillips - Software OK, Intuit awful as usual

    I have mixed feelings about Quickbooks 2014 having just upgraded from 2011. On the one hand it does feel slicker and looks a lot neater, on the other hand it has some frustrating design flaws, mainly to do with organizing and resizing windows within the program. I could write a small essay about that. The new features are quite helpful though and all the information you need is right at your fingertips.

  • pook - Not what I expected as a non-Catholic

    Before reading this book (I was given this book as a gift)I was quite sceptical of where it came from and who wrote it. The author apparently does not want the focus on himself, but rather on Mary. I understand this reasoning and respect it though I do not believe in the apparitions. I spent the beginning of my life as a devout 'practicing' Catholic, before accepting only Jesus as the "one mediator between God and man". It is true, much of the church has taken with liberal/liberation theology(socialism) and accepted socialistic doctrines. Much of this has been spread through the once great Protestant and Catholic universities. Beware self proclaimed theologians who direct you away from the Bible and our founding principles. I listen politely, think and then file their teaching away.