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Helena Laboratories | Protein Serum Electrophoresis Equipment - Helena Laboratories is a leading provider of Automated Electrophoresis Equipment for Protein, Serum, Immunofixation and other Macromolecule Analyses.

  • SPIFE 4000 Auto Electrophoresis - Serum Macro Analysis Equipment - Helena SPIFE 4000 provides total automation for IFEs and SPEs. Free up your techs and maximize output with SPIFE 4000 macro analysis equipment from Helena Labs

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  • StronginSC - Dissapointed ~ Overheats quickly

    To be clear, Amazon's customer service and the sellers service were excellent, but the product itself was SUCH a disappointment. I regret not having been more thorough in reading the good AND bad reviews of this vacuum BEFORE I purchased it - turns out the issue I had was pretty common; the thing overheats so quickly and will cease to roll/suck until it cools off (20 minutes of wait time for another 5 minute session). Reasonable safety measure I agree, but bombing out at the 5 - 7 minute mark is absurdly annoying and ineffective! If I was challenging the vacuum I could understand, but my situation is within normal usage - carpet is berber and pretty well taken care of with multi-vacuuming sessions a week and a steam cleaning quarterly, so it's not like the Shark had 8 months of filth to try and fight through.

  • Lawyerpaulg - RIP OFF -- DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT

    I have purchased "Willmaker" every year since 2004. Every freaking year. I only use it for drafting living trusts. I purchased the 2010 version when it came out without closely inspecting the box. I just discovered that it no longer includes the living trust documents. I consider that a rip off -- there should be something on the box to call attention to the fact that the basic features of the former product have changed. I read Nolo's response that "Willmaker" was a misnomer and that they wanted to split the product into two products." One slight problem -- no one who owns a home should be making a will -- anyone who owns a home or has any assets should be doing a living trust. This product is completely useless for anyone having any assets. Oh, Nolo --- "Willmaker" has become synonymous with living trust software - hardly anyone uses it for wills. Kind of like "Chevrolet" is synonymous with "car having an engine." I want to see Chevy sell a car without an engine and then say, oops, so sad, gotta buy the engine separately. Buncha crooks - what goes around comes around, Nolo and Intuit.....

  • ellamar - Try it, you'll love it.

    If you have never tried these Telma cubes in mushroom you are really missing out. I use them when making a pot of soup. Doesn't really matter what kind. You just have to know that you do not add salt until the soup is done otherwise it probably would be too salty. It just takes your soup to another dimension. Everyone that I tell about these cubes loves them. You can also use in other things but just must be careful about salt.

  • Chris - They look good and function as required

    The rubber gaskets are VERY difficult to install and the bars are very loud at high speeds. They look good and function as required.

  • David - Polorized display cannot be viewed with sunglasses on. Screen glitches.

    I purchased this to fix an old phone to use temporarily. The screen is polarized so it is impossible to see if wearing sunglasses also the digitizer has some "dead spots" for me luckily not in the keyboard area.