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  • Queyanna Guishard - Overall, It's A Great Phone

    I enjoy this the Prevail II better than the Prevail. However, I had one encounter where it overheated and stick. After that one incident, I didn't experience that issue again. After all, everything in life, including technology will have its pros and cons. Can't win it all! Overall, it's a great phone.

  • Melissa - !!Best Protein Bars I've Ever Tried!!

    This is not just another protein bar from another giant company with cookie cutter flavors and recipes. I generally hate protein bars because they are usually dry, which make them tedious to eat. Not to mention, most are loaded with cheap whey concentrate and soy proteins.

  • Lkretz - Worked like a charm

    This stuff will get rid of any little creatures you don't want around. And it didn't leave a residue.

  • Garden Lover - Battery Minder

    I have been using this charger/maintainer for about a year to maintain the dual battery setup on our diesel pick up. The instructions are good about special uses, such as dual batteries that are still installed. (have to connect the two batteries with jumper cables during storage)

  • Brenda - christmas gift

    I chose 4 star rating because it is a gift and so far it looks to be fantastic! Guitar looks of really good quality.