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Heroin Addiction Treatment & Drug Rehab Center | Concerted Care Group - Heroin addiction treatment is not just temporarily interrupting chemical dependence, but permanently altering lifestyle that leads to addiction.

  • Opiate Addiction | Concerted Care Group - CCG is committed to addressing the opiate addiction/epidemic that affects so many families in Baltimore.
  • Substance Abuse Counseling & Methodone Maintenance | Concerted Care Group, Baltimore - At CCG you have access to methadone maintenance treatment, suboxone treatment, addiction counseling, and support for rebuilding your life.
  • Methadone Treatment | Concerted Care Group - Methadone treatment is not just the use of Methadone to replace drugs of addiction. It is just an element in a comprehensive treatment program.
  • Suboxone Treatment | Concerted Care Group - Suboxone treatment is a long-acting opioid agonist that is prescribed as a treatment for opioid dependence, as well as the management of chronic pain.
  • Drug Rehab Doctors & Staff | Concerted Care Group, Baltimore - Our drug rehab doctors and staff will help in your drug addiction recovery; compassionate and experienced in treating heroin addiction.
  • Our Philosophy | Concerted Care Group - Learn what makes CCG uniquely equipped to help you on the journey to addiction recovery.
  • Board of Advisors | Concerted Care Group - The CCG Board of Advisors is deeply committed to helping the Baltimore community and its future.

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  • rebecca bevirt - Great but not good for Credit Union members

    Really like the ease of setup. Intuitive user interface. I belong to a credit union which has a different kind of bank account setup than regular banks...and Quicken can't handle the subaccounts that have similar names and numbers. I almost had it all figured by renaming all my bank accounts out then the passwords were all confused. So am using Quicken for credit cards and 1 credit union account. Will manually enter the other credit union accounts into Quicken. I am hoping that either or both Quicken and the Credit Unions will figure out how to allow members to download and set up accounts on these types of financial programs.

  • JOEY - Formula Change!!!!

    We have taken this for years and it has always been amazing. Recently we got a batch from Amazon LOT # 1641 it is like powder / calcium included type consistency.

  • Milorad Jovanovic - I have sinned

    This has consumed me, I have become an evil torturer of my workplace. It has gone so far that I can never, under any circumstances admit to what I've been doing. Not because of people being pissed but because I have wasted so much of company time and resources. I have been spraying and spraying and people have been gagging and gagging. Comments range from dead racoon in vents to someone hiding a bucket of diarrhea somewhere to raw sewage backed up to many many more comments. Even the most calm and rational people have started to curse. People are calling off work, calling safety, threatening to call OSHA...Maintenance has been here 20 times already, they've gone through sewer looking for cracks, investigated everything, torn down a small wall in bathroom, taken ceiling off, changed all filters...The hardest thing is keeping straight face when people start to curse and run outside. I am super slick in how I spray, no one even suspects anything like this, let alone that it's me. The smell is agonizing, it is truly the most foulest, nastiest, disgusting, vomit inducing reek, EVER. I can't even begin to come up with a rational way as to how this was made other than a bucket full of urine, puke, diarrhea and a racoon corpse that cooked in 95 degree sun for 7 days all put together in a paint shaking machine at a paint store. There is no other explanation. It is a menacing smell that will haunt your dreams forever.

  • Margaret Freeman - they paired with the phone in seconds

    They paired with the phone in seconds. Easy buttons for volume etc. Kept my opinion for sound quality and noise cancellation until they were used in the gym today. Im an instructor and have worked in some noisy gyms, and the one I train in is particularly blaring in music. These earphone completely blocked out the music being played in the gym. I totally forgot I was wearing them they were so comfortable, and the sound quality was fantastic... I mean really fantastic. Im have to say Im over the moon with these in every way. The price is wonderful, quality everything. If you were thinking about getting ones more expensive, dont bother. These are the ones you should buy.

  • Helene D. Ngo - Delicious and so calming

    Have been following the principles of ayurveda recently, and as a vata-pitta type, appreciate the fundamentals of what a tea like this has to offer- calmness, warmth, clarity, and a grounding sense of peace. But that's just what it does for me personally. The taste is pleasantly sweet, so I don't find I need to do anything to it, and I will make this a regular part of my lifestyle. If you are at all a jittery, nervous, spacey type, try this. It is a little pricey for what you get, but I really do believe you get what you pay for, and a little cup of peace is priceless.

  • Trevor - I just hated the fishing pole that came with the stock Colorados

    I experience a loss of signal very rarely but it does happen. I just hated the fishing pole that came with the stock Colorados. This looks MUCH better!