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  • Brent - Perfect fit

    I installed them in my 2016 Ram 1500 Laramie crew cab ecodesiel. Fit is perfect and they look great.

  • April Mettler - Great way to learn.

    This is worth every penny. The guitar is sharp. The lessons are easy to follow, and adjust to harder levels with experience.

  • Gtetri - I am peachtree lover

    I like this software. Whether you have a small to midsize business or you want to track your finances this is a great tool to have. Of-coarse with every accounting software there exists some complications, but overall it is good. You will only run into the negative aspects of the program if you try to utilize this software for business use and attempt to do everything on your own without any help or other supplemental programs. For example the template to build the reports/checks is not at all intuitive and sometimes it is very hard to find the right field to show up on your reports/checks. Also correcting balances of the fields can be challenging. So if you use this program as your main accounting software and you want everything to work as flawlessly as possible be prepared to spend a little cash on consultation fees with sage.

  • Gary - Don't waste your money on this crap

    Doesn't Amazon check out it's products they sell or at least read the reviews? Amazon needs to stop allowing products that are just a scam. Don't waste your money on this crap.. 10' x 10' area? Really... Try raking the soil, buy reputable grass seed, cover the seed with soil and water well at least once per day. For the same price you can cover 10,000 square feet.. No, I didn't buy this crap, and anyone with a brain wouldn't send them a penny.

  • Virginia Turner - The taste is great. Not gritty

    The taste is great. Not gritty. A nice light sweetness, so works well for me to improve the taste of my morning drink of of Whey protein, Benefiber, and ground flax seeds. The other ingredients probably suppress the "grass smell" that I've seen on other reviews.