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  • GummyPoo - This ruined my life

    As a paramedic it is often difficult to not only eat at work, but to eat relatively healthy. I developed a sweet tooth one day and if theres one thing I love, its gummy snacks.

  • cndygrl - perfect for when you didn't plan ahead and put enough ...

    works well! perfect for when you didn't plan ahead and put enough bottles in the fridge. I've used it for cans, small bottles, wine bottles, etc. it's easy to use and an absolute must (especially in the summer!)

  • KARRI - It's working

    I'm using Lipozene with a low calorie diet & exercise program, I've dropped 8.2 pounds in 7 days. I also like it doesn't make you feel buzzed like a lot of diet pills do.

  • Hummingbirds - Wonderful book! Just needs MORE content!

    This book was a gift for my 4 year old. It seems to be a re-written edition which is fine, as it is easier to understand than other versions we have. The illustrations are wonderful and my daughter loves them. However I was a bit disappointed that they could not fill this book with more fables. It seems like sort of a thin book for the price, and some of the most popular fables were omitted from this version. Just an FYI, since Amazon seems to be mixing reviews on here among various versions of books... this review is for ISBN# 0-7624-0413-2. I bought this and other books based on reviews that were not relevent to the particular version of the book I purchased.

  • Momtomany - constantly and was always super gassy and in return made him upset and sad ...

    I purchased these probiotic drops for my baby boy. I have never tried them with my other kids or even heard of them until recently. There were a lot of mommies that swear by these probiotic drops for their infants. When my son was little little, his tummy was very sensitive and he spit up ALL the time, constantly and was always super gassy and in return made him upset and sad and then he would end up constantly having the hiccups. So, I thought what the heck, why not try something to help him out - so I ordered the Mommy's bliss drops. I've used their other products and liked them, so I chose this brand to start with. I wanted to choose something that was 100% natural, and did not contain any additives, flavors, colors, or chemicals - after all I am trying to FIX his belly troubles, not make them worse by shoving who knows what into his body. These arrived and I started giving him these drops once a day. I breastfed exclusively at the time, so you are supposed to drop it onto you or you can add it into a bottle. I pumped also - so I did it both ways. This bottle is .34 fluid ounces and it is enough for a 30 day supply. You may or may not notice a difference right away, it took my son about 2 weeks until I noticed a difference. It really did help with his spit up and upset belly and made him more regular. I really noticed the difference if I stopped these drops. The drops are liquid and easy to dispense with the dropper. It is supposed to help improve immunity and promote a healthy digestive system. Well - I am not sure if it was the breast feeding or these drops or a combination of both, but my son is now almost 11 months and has only had one teeny tiny cold that lasted one day - he is a very healthy baby. There is no taste to these drops and my son did not refuse them or make any sort of face while eating it. I would highly recommend these probiotic drops.

  • Omwave - Best Argan Oil for fine hair that tends to frizz.

    This is the best argan oil that I have used. It smooths the frizz, leaves a great shine without being oily and smells great. Much better than other products I have tried. Love it, use it every day.

  • Jennifer Rooth - Perfect for kids

    My nephew scampered away with my sister's ipod shuffle, so I got him his own filled with his own music. It won't be as easy to accidentally increase the volume (which is good since my nephew is 4), and it's not cost prohibitive, so in the event my nephew does manage to destroy it, I'd be able to replace it. The earphones that come with it are similar to the ipod "isn't worth the plastic it's made of" earpods, but they'll work for a kid.