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  • Heidi Andrew - Great examples to work through

    Setting up a spreadsheet with the example in the book and working through the steps and techniques was really educational. I was able to experiment.

  • whitedaughter - Disappointing

    Predictable, silly and disappointing. It was nice to see Jessica Lange again, but this movie didn't do her any favors. Save your money and wait for it to come up on cable.

  • Sean - Revenge and Bad Luck, all rolled into one tasty, yet horrible, experience.

    A little bit of background info- I am an 18-year-old, pre-diabetic college student, working as an instructor at a local Tae Kwon Do school, and with a history of evil and twisted revenge plots.

  • Randy Richmond - Newer alternative to the Xantrex Link-10 (E-Meter) state-of-charge gauge

    Here are the notable differences between the new Xantrex Battery Monitor (XBM) and the good-old Xantrex Link-10 (E-Meter) battery state-of-charge meter:

  • 5318008 - WARNING - **NOT** a MicroSoft product!!!!

    I was thinking, "Sweet! Finally a version of Outlook that will run on my wooden Chinese toilet seats!!" Little did I know this has **NOTHING** to do with Outlook for Windows or any other MicroSoft product. It is NOT a five-year wooden-toilet email/calendar software product, but is in fact some kind of WELL-DONE REPORT ON TOILET SEATS!! By coincidence still entirely useful to me in my line of business but now I will have to find some other way to coordinate my inter-seat schedules and emails!! Buyer beware!!