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  • Adventure Reader - Very Good For 50+ People or rehabilitation

    Chair is very well made and works great. When put together with the overhead pulleys, it become an excellent upper body workout for strength and range of motion improvement.

  • Amazon Customer - Scariest paranormal reality ever made. Retells some of the ...

    Scariest paranormal reality ever made. Retells some of the most renowned true stories, some which were made into major motion pictures, and they do a kickass job!

  • Rich - I only wish I could get it at 320k instead of just 256.

    I'm so glad they had this song available as a single download. I just wish they had a little higher bitrate quality

  • icarecat - This is my secret weapon!

    I have a bamboo floor, and when my sister found that out she sent me a gift which she called "my secret weapon." It was the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner which she has been using on her bamboo floor for several years. Now I have the weapon too. I just vacuum the floor first, then spray this amazing product, then run the mop that comes with the product over the sprayed floor. It cleans it with the smallest amount of effort imaginable. Recently I had a different family member as an overnight guest and I said I was getting ready to clean the kitchen floor. She commented that she would help me and offered to be the one getting down on her hands and knees to wash the floor. I said I don't get down on my hands and knees any more, and cleaning the floor would only take me about 10 minutes with my secret weapon. She watched in amazement as I proceeded to easily mop my floor clean with Bona. I love it. What I ordered from Amazon is a refill bottle of the spray solution. The rest of the kit is still good as new.

  • Peter Tarnowski - Micro Soft Word 2010

    Got Just what I ordered!!Microsoft Word 2010 is one great product. I used to have Microsoft Word 2007. The 2010 version is much better.