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CIR Home - Home page describing the purpose of Chronic Illness Recovery and a brief description of Inflammation Therapy.

  • Key Concepts - A brief description of key concepts regarding autoimmune disease, inflammatory symptoms, diagnosis, the immune system, the recovery process and vitamin D.
  • About CIR - Belinda Fenter and Meg Mangin, were on the research team with Trevor G. Marshall which developed a treatment for chronic inflammation that eventually became known as the Marshall Protocol (MP).
  • About Our Services - Chronic Illness Recovery has created this website to offer physicians the opportunity to work with professional nurses experienced with counseling patients on inflammation therapy.
  • Testimonials - Comments from patients about Chronic Illness Recovery and Inflammation Therapy.
  • Outreach by CIR - The mission of this non-profit is to promote and support recovery from chronic illness through physician services, patient counseling, informational materials, seminars, research and participation in public health policy design.
  • Why Donate? - Chronic Illness Recovery relies on the generous financial support of generous individuals and foundations to fulfill its mission.
  • Medical Disclaimer - All medical decisions are made by a participant’s physician or primary care provider. Nurse Consultants serve only in an advisory capacity.
  • Privacy Policy - The privacy policy describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information.

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