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    Veronica McGinnis is a cousin to Declan and has come to Mullardoch Manor to attend the wedding of him and Zoey. Being a single mother to almost nine-year-old Colin, working for a paper, and also in her parent’s pub, she has no love life. As a submissive, she is looking forward to being able to spend time at DFC and just let go and enjoy for a few days before going back home to her everyday life.

  • nopinname - Sounded great

    I love this goofy and fun song. It has medicinal properties I tells ya. Anyways, download it or don't, but do.

  • Timothy Rasmusson - Exactly what I was looking for...

    Perfect solution to monitoring a vacation home. Simple set up and works as advertised. Was using Internet to watch the house, this will save me $2000/ year.

  • Burrell - Not Exactly What I Expected...

    I like to only spend money on what's important to me. This cable is something I have dreamed of owning before I was even born. Since they reduced the price, I have decided to finally sell my used, mint condition 2009 Porsche 911 Turbo S, and my 2 million square foot mansion in Hollywood Hills so that I could afford this cable. I must say, this cable isn't what I expected. It does work (I had to test it on my friend's TV since I sold my 8K 3D TV), but I was expecting it to be slightly better. I wanted to be able to feel Scarface, and taste "Martha Stewart: Homemade Holidays", but the cable didn't provide that opportunity. Good day, and excuse me while I bum food scraps off of a stranger and attempt to pay my student loans.


    When using this ouija board or any ouija board for that matter you need to be open minded at all times. I've actually had some interesting results with this board and others not so much. One time I used it and I asked it if it could blow the candle I had lit next to me out, and like 15 seconds later it did. There are other ways you can also talk to the spirits without using the planchette itself. You could put a candle in the middle of the board and have the spirits talk through the candle or put a spirit box (i recommend) on the board and the spirits could talk through that. There are many ways you can use this board, you just can't be close minded about it.

  • okinawahall - Its OK and works as advertised

    It sis what it is and its true weak signals your not going to get. I use satellite so for me it works fine. Takes that ugly large one from the OEM away and covers the hole. True to its word it fit with no problems. Make sure you use a thick towel when using a tool to screw it in or your going to scratch the surface paint away.