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  • DB.9 - Works exactly as I Hoped it Would!!!

    This stuff works better than anything else I've tried from Home Depot or Lowes. Overnight results! I purchased this smaller size to try it out but will be purchasing the larger size next time.

  • sunshine - Sunshine

    This is an amazing transition stroller from my travel system. It is very well made. My daughter looks comfortable in it, it is compact, but yet she has a lot of room. I wasn't sure about the color ibisco from the pictures online, I thought it looked like a bright cherry, but it's actually more of a cranberry color, very nice with the beige accent. It folds nicely and isn't awkward to handle. It folds with the parent cup holder and the bumper bar in place, which is a nice feature because some don't. The basket has been the only one yet to fit my bag. The handles are comfortable. I have used this on grass, hills, grass/with sand and it's worked great. I am very pleased with this. I did a lot of research and tried other stollers. I was considering the uppababy, and the maclaren, they don't even compare. The uppababy seems like it will fall apart easily and all the ones that I have seen the seat cushion wear out way too soon. The maclaren, I don't know why it's rated so high, doesn't even recline or have half the features this one has, although it is comparably sturdy. If you are comparing between any of these i would recommend the trip, it is also an inch or so smaller in width, and thats not in the seat part, it's in the wheel part, in which a half of inch makes the biggest difference when trying to get into stores, it fits everywhere. I can't believe the room that my trunk has with this in it. As an added feature, the wheels are removable for better storage if needed. Great stroller, worth the money!

  • lm2m - Fun!

    I'm a complete newbie to any video games, so I find this to be fun and no real complaints. I like the 20 and 40 minute work outs as well as the singing feature, which came in quite handy when I sprained my ankle recently so while I couldn't dance, I was able to blast out tunes, which drove my kids away so I had some nice time to myself. Coulda/shoulda they have more and more recent songs - absolutely, but I'm inclined to be more charitable since they did include Troublemaker.

  • margaret banta - Leave it to the Germans to engineer another great product. This really does work

    Leave it to the Germans to engineer another great product. This really does work...used on a used boat I purchased that had a couple of scratches and it made them much less noticeable. Can't go wrong with this product.

  • Gen O. - Was able to go for almost double the usual lenght of time under the needle

    So I hesitated to buy this thinking "how well can a gel work on a skin that has not even been worked on"...Well, THANK GOODNESS I decided to give it a try by curiosity. I put the gel on at home, wrapped it in saran wrap...then drove to the tattoo all I had the gel on me for about 2h-2h30 hours prior. Then the artist started about 30 minutes after I removed the gel. I was not expecting much from it because when I pressed on the spot with my finger, I could still feel the pressure.

  • Ridgecrust - shocked that it went onto car fast and easy --on there 6 mo now and appears the same

    shocked that it went onto car fast and easy --on there 6 mo now and appears the same. looks and works way better than I expected

  • Timothy Cregan - Very cool, just trying to optimize display

    The monitor is sexy. In so far as a monitor candy. It is bright and clear and very professional looking. The speakers are subpar but if you're looking for any kind of entertainment you should have external speakers anyway. I only have one concern and I'm trying to work through it. Because of the very wide width of this monitor, many of the webpages and forms I filled out during the course of my job or a little blurry. Trying to figure out the resolution. Other than that it is a great monitor