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  • Eohany - Works better for fine hair in some environments than others

    I have thin, fine blond hair so it's a struggle to find something that brings shine that doesn't also make my hair greasy or lank. I was pleasantly surprised by this product. I frequently travel between a place where the environment is much dryer/water harder and where I live where the water is softer and there's more moisture in the air. I've noticed that this set works better for me when I'm in the drier place with the harder water. It leaves less of a residue and my hair feels light, not bogged down. I'd definitely recommend buying a smaller starter kit to try out the products before investing in full size bottles that may or may not meet one's needs. Shampoo and conditioner is a rather personal decision, but I'd definitely give this product a second look.

  • Bob T, GA - Nice pedals, duct tape helps installation

    Purchased this pedal set from Amazon for my 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Pedals are very good quality and look great. I read other reviews on the tough installation and tried something a little different. The gas pedal cover went on fairly easy (took about 10 minutes). The brake pedal cover is much tougher. Struggled for about 30 minutes using hot soapy water to lube the rubber and had little success. The main problem is that you must hold the two rubber side flaps and the top flap open as you slip the pedal cover up from the bottom. This is almost impossible to do with two hands. My next approach was to make a small vertical slit in two places (just above the horizontal slots) as mentioned by others. I didn't want to make a knife slit (fearing the rubber would tear when it was pried back)so I used a Dremel tool with a 1/16" bit to cut a vertical slot instead of a knife slit. I then used duct tape to hold the top rubber flat open. The tape ran behind the top flap and over the front of the pedal (used two pieces of tape to cover the entire top flap). This worked great to hold the top flap open. Now to install the brake cover it is only necessary to hold open the two side flaps as you slide it up from the bottom (the top flap is held open with the duct tape). Once the side flaps and bottom flap is in place, pull the duct tape off and let the top flap fall into place. This worked great, only took one try, less than 10 minutes. I would rate these pedal covers 5 stars for quality put dropped the rating to 4 stars because of the useless instructions that come with them.

  • Dweston - Awesome book

    We need more people in the world like Chip and Joanna. Their book was fun to read and also inspiring. They have had tough times, like everyone, but they remain honest and hardworking and always true to themselves, their family, employees and suppliers.