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  • Kristi - Very annoying. It hangs in the other room and my ...

    My MYNT sometimes goes off in the middle of the night. Very annoying. It hangs in the other room and my phone is usually with me. The thin chain that comes with MYNT has a silver screw tube on it that attaches the other part of the string loop. Well, that came unscrewed without me realizing it and I lost my MYNT in less than a month. I used the the phone tracking device to go to the place it said it was and found it lying on the ground in the park! Amazingly, no kid had picked it up overnight or in the early part of the morning. The ringing on the MYNT actually helped me to find it. There was an ad on Amazon that said the Baylite 2mm stainless steel wire keychains are frequently bought with MYNT. Don't waste your $6.98! The MYNT hole for your keychain ring is an oval, so it doesn't fit, and it wasn't worth my time to ship that back. Now I have to figure out a more secure way to attach the MYNT to my key ring, because the cheap string they give you is unacceptable.

  • Alyssa - No more fear of poison oak

    I get poison oak pretty badly from my cat. Although I take many precautions, knowing I have zanfel now makes everything a little less scary. In short, I love zanfel!!! Not only does it drastically speed up the healing process, but in order to use it, you get to itch! It feels soooo good, and then the rash gets better. I would be zanfel's spokesperson for free.

  • Harley Dragon - Great book, as are all of the Dummy Book ...

    Great book, as are all of the Dummy Book Series. Easy to understand. usually shows you more than one way to do something, detailed and as in depth as you wish to or not to dive into the details. Excellent for beginners, great for intermediate. I have used Dummy Books for everything from Widows XP to Windows &, Buddisim, Guitar and many more subjects. Love them all in the Dummiefs series.

  • ALLISON G. - If my nails are an indicator of what's to come for my hair... WOW!!!!

    These gummies are SO good, almost too good because when I get desperate for something sweet I sometimes give them a second look, haha. I'm, mostly, kidding. I also love the dual attack strategy. I will do anything to stop my thinning, weak, damaged hair. I was able to purchase these for a discount in exchange for an honest review and figured I didn't have anything to lose. I have been taking them for three weeks now and I am really seeing a huge improvement in my nails. Like crazy improvement... longer (so much longer) stronger (hence the longer.. no breakage!) and not weak or peely (yes, that's a thing) My hair is possibly growing faster, but really its too soon to tell. However if it does to my hair what's happening with my nails I'll be a happy girl. I mean my nails look good, almost fake good. They are thicker, better colored, and really strong (even after a whole day at the beach) I can't wait to see how my hair looks in a couple months!!

  • Picky Picky Me - All natural All powerful allergy solution

    My husband started using these about a year ago for his allergies to get him off of the toxic over the counter allergy meds he was taking for years and years. He says this natural product works far better for him than anything he ever used before. Both my daughter and husband with allergies love D-Hist and have found it to be the only product that really seems to work effectively on their allergies.

  • Melimo - That must mean that I liked it the first time

    This is my second time purchasing Roc Retinol Wrinkle Repair. That must mean that I liked it the first time. The first time I used this product it caused my skin around the eyes to become a little irritated and dry. I heard that this was normal and shouldn't use every night until my skin gets used to it. I continued using every other day for about 1 week and noticed my skin looking healing around the eyes. Now I used it every night and don't want to go to sleep without it. I use my moisturizer over it as well. I've noticed fine lines are not as apparent as they used to be.