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  • That One Customer - Strong Stuff

    This stuff is strong, like really strong. I use it to combat athlete's foot every occasionally and it works. I use it when in the shower and rub it on my feet for a minute or two before rinsing it off. I typically use the FungaSoap at the beginning of the shower because it has a very strong smell and I want to give it enough time for the smell to disappear. Whenever athlete's foot pops up I use PediFix for a week or so and it is typically gone after 4-5 days but I continue using for 7-10 days total.

  • Upstate New York Reader - Sorry I made this purchase

    I have been using Streets and Trips since it first came out - originally updating every two versions and for the last two, updating as new versions hit the market. I am disappointed with the newest version.

  • Devin Grayson - Only if you are going into STEM fields...

    I bought this book because I wanted some opportunities for funds to pay for my schooling. I'm an undergraduate who is studying psychology, I was sad to see that I could count the amount of psychology scholarships there were on my two hands, and a lot of the ones they listed were for graduate students. There were, however, a lot of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) scholarships. And a ton of HAM radio scholarships too, interestingly.

  • Pat G. - Simply the best!

    I have only had this product a few weeks and have already used it many times. I can't believe how evenly it heats--great for browning; how easy the cleanup is--no sticking. It's just plain great. Why did I wait so long to buy one?

  • irockket - Easy Straight Hair Solution

    I've used this product for a number of years with much success. I have naturally curly, unruly hair. Easy Straight causes my hair to become supple, shiny and manageable. It lasts approximately three months; the length of time it takes for new hair growth to come it. I still have to blow dry and style my hair. No product magically straightens hair like the whisk of a magic wand. You are still personally responsible for smoothing out your hair style. A warning. Home hair straightening products are not for the inexperienced. You have to follow instructions precisely as written; otherwise, you can fry your hair. I honestly trust Easy Straight over others I have tried over the years; and I thank the salon professional who invented it.

  • T. Philipps - Attractive protection

    This Spigen case looks great, is easy to grip, and doesn't add an annoying amount of bulk to the phone. It was also considerably less expensive than competing brands.

  • MotoMikeRyder - Back Packs have more room and can carry more stuff

    quality and attractive product. great material and really good zippers. I recommend all the Timbuk2 products. There are many zippers, flaps nooks and crannies to put stuff. HOWEVER, the "medium" size is much smaller than I thought it would be. I will buy more Timbuk2 products in the future because the quality is so superior, but I will buy the Larger/er size.