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  • Pamela Smith - Great product.

    This product is what you can order from your dentist but at a much lower price. I use this product and get great results.

  • Christina - Not sure if this is truly effective

    I have been using this device for almost 2 months. Plus also Peelife microdermabrasion for 2 years and Retin-A for over 13 years. I'm not sure if there is more reduction in wrinkles and pores since using this device. I'm 44 years old but look like in the mid 30s as I was told. I think the laser at dermatogist is stronger and more effective than this handheld one. But for DIY, this device is okay. The others reviewers stated it is fantastic, I'm not sure if they are right since they psychologically believe it works. I'm in the health field and I don't think it is effective, but it may slow down the skin aging process a bit.

  • Darrell - This seemed like a good idea for extending the flavor of an ...

    This seemed like a good idea for extending the flavor of an open bottle of wine for a few days but it didn't really work the way I thought it might. The vacuum is not very strong and the stoppers do not hold the vacuum. I've tried this device multiple times but was never able to get any better results than just using a plain Rabbit Wine stopper. 

  • Joseph Arsenault - This glue has been great. I was able to use it for some ...

    This glue has been great. I was able to use it for some intricate repairs to a violin, but also use it to fix a nice cherry dresser. The glue is strong and holds well. It does smell, but that was expected from hide glue.


    I find the product very messy to use. The powder manages to get over everything, i.e, vanity, clothes. I am middle aged with very good skin and I am not very wrinkled. This product accentuated my pores and the tiny wrinkles I do have. If I used very little like it says, it did not provide any coverage. If you use too much it covers but makes your face shiny and not natural. The colors were also hard to match. The darker too dark and the lighter, too light (almost ghost like). I don't know what all the fuss is about at all. I gave it to my 15 year old daughter to try who has acne. Maybe it would work for her. What a mistake, not only did it also accentuate her pores, it did not cover the acne, not even using the bisque and she broke out more. This product also takes a long time to apply. I did not like it at all nor would I recommend it but apparently I am certainly in the minority on this one.

  • sid m. - BAD PRODUCT

    A total waste of money it sealed nothing. I put a small bottle & 2 large bottles in a 3 month period per the instructions and it slowed the leak but it still leaked and the steering rack had to be changed. over 40 dollars 3 months wasted. The guarantee is a bad joke and limited is to small bottles and almost impossible to get if you bought the product online. I told them to stuff their guarantee and will never use another Lucas product again.

  • Jorge Guillermo Calderon - Fits perfect

    ...But in the inside the material that hold the velcro is loose and is really uncomfortable to rearrange the panels. The protection is OK