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  • Christine - I love kaplan!

    I learned so much from the strategies, practice and review of this book! The rationales taught me how to prioritize by using Maslow's hierarchy of needs and understand the nursing concept through the nursing process. It also helped me apply my knowledge; respond quickly, professionally, and "think like a nurse." It definitely helped me hone my critical thinking skills. I feel more confident and competent now. Oh, I love Kaplan! Don't hesitate to buy this because it will really help you prepare for the NCLEX. This is a must-have for lpn students and soon-to-be-licensure-test-takers. After all your hard work at school, passing the board exam is what really matters. Buy it and use it! You won't regret it. It's definitely worth the money.

  • Debra G. Hodnett - slick 50 one lube spray

    This is the best lube on the market. There are other lubes out there but none will do what this lube does. I highly recommend this product. It is a little pricey but worth every penny.

  • Jonathan Walker - Nice to use, great tasting brew, but a little hard to clean

    This is a nice little coffee maker, and I feel like makes much better coffee than a traditional drip coffee maker, and even better than a pour-over style that sits on top of the cup, since the coffee grounds are in the water like a tea infuser. I do get a bit of the coffee oils on top of my coffee that you wouldn't in many cases, but I actually like that, so it turns out well. I've tried it with a few different types of coffee, both whole beans I ground myself and pre-ground coffee, and it tasted great with all of them. Be careful not to overfill it, and try to get the grounds down to the bottom without coating the sides as much as possible, though, since I have had times when I had to go back and add the water very slowly since it wanted to run up and over the top instead of just going down into the mug. That's been rare, though, so it certainly isn't an issue every time (using a coffee scoop helped, and about 2 scoops is perfect). I do wish it was a bit easier to clean, however, since I end up getting coffee grounds on my hand every time, and shaking it off into the trash or even outside just creates a mess too. Flipping it inside out over the trash can, then wiping with a paper towel seems to be the best method so far, and then of course rinsing it in the sink. I'll definitely keep using this regularly, even though we have our big coffee maker around as well.

  • charles walker - the stubby antenna

    this stubby antenna for my 2011 jeep grand Cherokee works better than the original antenna and looks much better than the original antenna

  • Monkey D Gooby - Worth it

    I need to take anywhere from 6-12 pills to get the desired effect, but it sure does beat the hell out of consuming the foul-tasting liquid, and the pill format is far more convenient for transportation-related reasons. If you take 10 that's 12 doses/bottle, and for $20 it's certainly worth the price.

  • Amazon Customer - The capsules were a little bigger than I'm used to but were easy to swallow

    I have been on this for a week or so. Felt no jitters. No shaky feeling. And no anxious feeling. Which is a big plus for me. The capsules were a little bigger than I'm used to but were easy to swallow. Tasted pretty good and left no after taste. You can really taste the green tea that's inside them. I was still able to sleep at night also. I have more energy and after a week I have lost 3 pounds! I'm excited to stay on these and see how much I can lose. I purchased this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review

  • Ian Boardman - Ultra cheap means useless

    Never used this product. The packaging was so poorly attended to that the first one came completely useless, the rotor inside loose and rattling inside. On return, better packaging, but missing all the assembly parts! Their customer service was very polite and responsive, they immediately shipped us a package containing parts we were *not* missing, even though I clearly explained exactly what was missing. Desperate to cut costs, these people seemed determined to fail.