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Restless Legs Relief | RLS | Natural Remedy - All natural relief from restless legs that promotes deep and restful sleep while soothing your restless legs gently and safely

  • Calm Legs - Restless Legs (RLS) Remedy | - Calm legs is the most comprehensive formulation for restless leg relief or RLS
  • How Calm Legs works to help Restless Legs (RLS) | - Restless Legs (RLS) may be caused by common nutritional deficiencies created by aging, poor digestion, pregnancy and certain over-the-counter and prescription
  • Calm Leg Ingredients | - The ingredients of the Calm Legsā„¢ formula have been shown in controlled clinical trials to be effective for reducing symptoms of Restless Legs (RLS).
  • Restless Legs (RLS) and Calm Legs Contact Information | - Contact Calm Legs for information about relieving your symptoms of Restless Legs (RLS)
  • Calm Legs Guarantee | - Calm Legs restless leg remedy offers a 90 day money back guarantee to decrease the symptoms of Restless Legs (RLS)

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -111.6133 Utah, United States

  • Shannon D. Mccool - HUGE mistake

    I should never have bought this "protection". Started off with the install site listed on the card not existing.

  • lbriney - Great device!

    I am very pleased with the device. I use with my iPad and my iPhone. My cardiologist was also impressed and asked how to order it.

  • Pete - Comfortable and effective

    It doesn't fit the whole length of my tub, but I don't dance around the entire bathtub, so it doesn't matter; it still provides plenty of room. The suction cups have a nice grip and haven't come loose yet. While I wasn't slipping and falling in the shower without it, I can definitely feel a better grip while I'm showering, which is good because being unconscious and naked is not on my bucket list.

  • Randall Cole - A real pain

    The only reason I gave it a one star is because I cannot give it a zero. I have no desire to upgrade but this was mandatory because QuickBooks force the issue because I was running 2007. Installation was straight forward but the registration process is a real pain. You must have plenty of time to speak to individuals with limited English skills that are experts at reading their computer screens. Do not deviate from the script because that will cause re-read of the same question. The key is for QuickBooks to collect all of the information possible so they may harass you in the future about their services. To make it more irritating the constant barrage of pop ups make your use of the product even less appealing. I started the interview process but I did not have the time to complete the questions, including small talk, and now I have received an email thanking me for registering. I was never giving a verification number. I called to retrieve my verification number and I must again go through the interview process. I put that off to another day when I can spend my time answering their questions. I am looking for an alternative to QuickBooks. This review took substantially less time than the attempted registration.

  • MBank - Great natural replacement for five hour energy.

    I have noticed a definite energy boost when I take these. It really helps me to get past the after lunch fallout. This is a great product with a great price.

  • Kelley .. - Easy on my skin!

    I have tried so many other brands of facial hair remover, but each one left my skin red with rash, that lasted a couple of days, followed by ugly peeling. The barrier cream that you apply first puts a nice cushion between the skin and the hair removal cream, and I have had no redness, rash, or peeling from this product. Thank goodness I found it!