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CAE Healthcare - CAE Healthcare is a medical simulation company with a mission to improve healthcare education and patient safety. We design and build products for patient simulation, surgical simulation, ultrasound simulation and clinical simulation management. Our global adjunct faculty and clinicians develop medical simulation scenarios for medicine, nursing, health sciences, hospital systems and the military.

  • CAE Healthcare - CAE Santé est une entreprise de simulation médicale ayant pour mission d'améliorer la formation en soins de santé et la sécurité des patients. Nous concevons et nous fabriquons des produits utilisés pour la simulation de patients, la simulation chirurgicale, la simulation d'échographie et la gestion de la simulation clinique.

    Country:, North America, CA

    City: -73.5554 Quebec, Canada

  • Just Another Guy - Two issues.....

    The crossbars arrived in a day or two, so fast shipping. Two issues - one was that the bars, when positioned in the proper location (both front-to-back and left-to-right thanks to the handy tips here in the product reviews) were about 3/8 of an inch short of meeting the mounting rails on each side. I bolted them in, and they flexed into position. Seems ok and sturdy so far, but slightly concerning. Secondly, the product details on the amazon site says it has a load capacity of 165 lbs, but the instructions say a load capacity of 132 lbs. Doesn't impact carrying my kayaks, but that may be an issue for some purchasers. So the two issues loses two stars from an otherwise nice looking product.

  • Darcetha - Good moisturizer for sensitive, oily skin

    I ordered this product after reading the reviews, and because my skin has the following problems: hyperpigmentation, sensitive, oily, menopausal and acne. The directions state to use this product twice a day. I can honestly say, at first I was skeptical. Using oil to moisturize oily skin, what is up with that? You would think this would cause your skin to become even more oily. But, after using this product for three days, my skin is less oily, and my hyperpigmentation is starting to fade, I have not suffered from breakouts, burning or itching. I'll be 50 years old in July, and my skin is looking younger. Definite win for me! Just because your age is old, doesn't mean you have to look that way. I'll keep using this for now. ;)

  • cheri - a wolf shifter who rates at the top of the womanizing scale

    Roi Majors is second in control of the I-Ops, hard to tell by his show of respect or lack there of, a wolf shifter who rates at the top of the womanizing scale. He is still convinced he never wants to settle when he meets up again with the woman he recently kidnapped to protect.

  • lisa - Beautiful! Certainly recommend this kit and would purchase in ...

    I had been forewarned to take particular care with all stages of sanding. I grabbed a lawn chair and water hose settling in for the duration. It took probably twice as long as the directions indicated, but that was my being sure of smooth sanded surfaces with each step. Headlights are crystal clear! Beautiful! Certainly recommend this kit and would purchase in the future if needed!

  • New Yorker - Horrible !!!!

    I have wavy, frizzy, coarse spanish type hair. I have always been v. wary of straightening products and all the chemicals but this is supposed to be more gentle and marketed to non African Americans. I used this product and was v.careful to not leave it on too long -- and I didnt do my whole head, because I was afraid that the time it would take to do that could affect my hair. So I was working super quick. Being nervous, I washed it out ahead of time and was veeerrry careful to wash and rinse well. Long story short, my hair was burnt off !!!! I mean big patches of my head had hair that was 1/2" long. Really, no exageration -- my hair was ruined. I complained to the company and they refunded me the price of the product. that's it. They tried to say it was my fault, that I didnt wash it out properly etc etc....

  • William Hearn - Wife's favorite.

    I have been buying Kenzo Jungle Elephant for my wife each year for the past eight years. We had heard it was to be discontinued and my wife nearly cried. I felt so fortunate to be able to find it here on Amazon. It really made her birthday special.