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  • Penny - H& R Block software download from amazon

    Doesn't work it want download correct. Want update because it want download correct because it is missing some program parts ins evtried everything it recommends but there is no refund. Because it is a download so it doesn't matter that it doesn't work. So I have just lost $20.00 I want do this ever again no more buying downloads I will buy disk only. So don't buy this unless you have money to throw away!!!!!

  • Kristy Nguyen - the best service!

    i am taking the DATS and this is the right product to purchase to better suit my needs on getting the score i want. it'll give you the utmost practice you need and best investment i ever made!

  • Crystal - super comfortable

    I love these! They are so comfortable for work. And they are so bright and pretty! Only thing I dont like os the Nike letters came off inside the shoe already. BUT no one can see that but me so I guess it really doesnt matter.

  • Patricia Brandon - Great Product

    Really great product! Splat kits have have everything you'll need in them for what ever color you get. There's bleach already in the bright fun colors and the Jet black is a true black and not some weird green or brown color. Even their lightening bleach kits have a ph shampoo and a reconstructing conditioner in them. The only thing this company is missing is a toner :3

  • Big c - 7 hours of restful sleep

    I have used this for one month and it works...i find I fall asleep within a minute or two, sleep for seven hours without waking at all..after seven wonderful hours of restful sleep I have no after effects of using zzz headache no grogginess...I use it ...I like it

  • Jenny L Jones - Awesome Study Guide and Practice Test

    I have been thinking about sitting for the PCCN (Progressive Care Certified Nurse) Exam for some time now. So when I came across this

  • BrittanyNelson - and with our facility we use pulse oximeters like crazy. I have ordered more of these than ...

    I work in Materials Management in a hospital, and with our facility we use pulse oximeters like crazy. I have ordered more of these than you can imagine. This one is a very nice pulse oximeter, and does exactly what we need it to! It takes a few seconds to read you heart SpO2 and your pules rate, but it does it perfectly. It comes with a thin stretchy plastic covering with makes it easy to clean. The colors are blue and white, and the display is a red color. It takes two AAA batteries, which makes it perfect for when you are on the go because we always have an extra set of AAA batteries on hand. I don't personally know this brand, but now that I do I will be ordering from them more. It took ONE day to receive this item. I literally ordered it yesterday and here it is on my desk! The lanyard is perfect for throwing around your neck or in your pocket for quick use. I would definitely recommend this pulse oximeter