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  • Allen Muramoto - Top notch product and straightforward easy installation.

    Simple installation. No more than 20 minutes. Quality materials as mentioned in all of the reviews. Requires phillips screwdriver. A torx wrench is not necessary.

  • Brackish - not effective at all

    My front loading HE washer started to smell badly so I tried this product. I repeated the application three times in a row. After the third time the washer still smelled as if I hadn't done anything. I then tried a cup of clorex bleach and that had a minimal effect. Reading another review I started to put a quarter cup of twenty mule team borax in with each load and cut the HE liquid detergent in half. After about thirty loads the smell was completely gone. So now every load has a quarter cup of Borax and half the recommended detergent which actually saves money. I don't mix them in the detergent dispenser, the liquid goes in there and I just throw the Borax in with the load.

  • H. Dadabhoy - not for the non-white woman

    I am 21 years old and have not had a child nor am I on hormonal birth control. I do not match any of the youthful/pinkish tones on the packages of any of the dyes. Is there something wrong with me? No, I'm just not white! This product's use of the words "restore" and "youthful hue" to describe the bubblegum-pink of the idealized white woman's vulva is damaging to the sexual confidence of all non-white women. When I emailed the company about their wording, they said "you shouldn't take this so seriously." Not serious, eh?. One of the side-effects is possible burning and pain -- make you vulva all pink and irritated, so sexy and not-serious.

  • Tearose - Some questionable and mediocre selections in this edition

    Some of the selected stories contained in this edition are questionable, particularly the one by Justin Bigos. Many in my class of experienced writers and sophisticated reader felt the author insulted us.

  • Amazon Customer - Its an awesome battery box so many functions and so simple to ...

    Its an awesome battery box so many functions and so simple to install i carried my battery just fine (75 lbs) in it with the tip handle with the strap and didnt give me a problem if you dont have faith in the top handle there these 2 handles on the top of the base of the box left snd right side and can 2 hand carry it people just need to learn how to appreciate things

  • Bizzy and Max - Powerful sound in a tiny box

    This speaker sounds amazing. It's 20 watts of powerful music and was the perfect purchase for my patio. The sound carries well and I can hear my music in every area of my yard when I'm outside. There is nothing that improves my mood more than music does and this speaker enables me to have music during times that I'm doing chores outside or when I'm working out. The music is clear and crisp and sounds amazing. It's amazing how so much sound comes out of such a tiny box. I love that it doesn't take up space and it looks nice too. I also love that it's waterproof because I never know if rain storms will get my patio wet or not. This speaker is a great addition to any home and would make a great gift for so many different types of people. It's definitely an A++++