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  • Casey Langen - Great hardware, but ridiculously bad default Windows installation. Buyer beware.

    The hardware is great and easy to work with, but the default Windows installation is atrocious. It has something running that pegs disk (not CPU!) usage at 100% out of the box, rendering the machine nearly unusable, even in safe mode. Not sure how this sort of defect slipped by QA -- it's clearly software related; reformatting and installing a clean OS solved all my problems and it's running great now.

  • Teresa26 - I have thinning, highlighted hair, needed conditioning, ...

    I have thinning, highlighted hair, needed conditioning, due to heat styling and processing. Hair is softer, didn't care for the scent.

  • Heather - Not too bad actually

    I was told that the mac version of quickbooks was not near as good as the pc version. I have had no problems switching over. There are differences in the program that take some getting used to, but nothing huge.

  • Mrs.Mom - Fun, friends and a little bit of faith

    Funny...I'm the mom of a 12.5yr old and I downloaded the preview to read and see if I thought my daughter would like it.enjoying it myself... I knew my daughter would as well. so I bought this book for her. But I laugh..because I just finished reading it ~an hr and a half after buying it...and my daughter will probably be mad that I read it before her!!! I loved it ! A great read..talking about friends &how quickly misunderstandings arise, how to be a good friend, listening to that God given gut instinct that we all have. "Way to go Melanie! ", as a mom you definitely have my vote for the fun and honest way you write! My daughter is going to love it!