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  • sbrown44 - Seeking Perection

    I have used Kaspersky for several years. My 2013 version is about to expire. I am looking for something better for these reasons: The program runs quietly, so quietly that it doesn't seem to bother stopping bogus programs from piggybacking into my computer. This problem was discovered when pop-ups began to barrage i.e. with every click of the mouse. Kaspersky was running but I went to windows security scanner site and as wndows scanned my computer suddenly kaspersky pops up with a warning about three intruders "it" had found. Go figure. This led me to discover how difficult it is to find, and then use, Kaspersky contact information. As I write this I am waiting for a response after spending an hour and a half completing the six zillion step proceedure they require to determine the problem. This pop-up program I found and eliminated myself after I had asked them for help, but since the culprit was a newly aquired program I didn't recognize it was relatively easy. What if it had been a program capable of serious damage to the computer?

  • Caroline D Henning - NO STARS!!!! Aweful Product

    No stars!!!! Not even 1. I am forced to click 1 star. Did exactly what it tells you on the insert. No MOUSSE!!! Just a sloppy green sludge that absordbs into the lawn and seeds on the surface. This is such a waist of money and a huge scam. I challenge the inventor to come and use the one I bought and show me the mousse. Not even close to what it advertise on TV. Money down the drain.

  • Catherine F. Evans - I'm still loving it although it is turning into a ...

    I'm still loving it although it is turning into a long running night time soap opera. I am still invested in most of the main characters but if too many of them leave to be replaced with new ones, I may just have to call it quits and head on over to Prime where I can binge watch other splendidly written programs.

  • Mr. David C. Hastings - New Features ....New & Old Bugs

    Most of my problems have to do with how the stock portfolio handles options and how it handles short sales when reporting capital gains.

  • Amazon Customer - OMG!!!

    This book was everything...OMG!!! I fell in love all over again with the Medlovs. Latrivia Welsh took this book to a whole nother level. You talking about jaw dropping...Lord have mercy! This book gave me life.

  • jrice - So far, so good!

    Due to the high ratings I ordered this product and as usual with Amazon, received it quickly. I have been using it on my feet, following others advice of applying to the affected area for a couple of minutes before washing off. I have noticed a difference on my heel callous (softer) and the two big toes infected with fungus (looking healthier). I have had outbreaks on my back my entire life, nothing has totally worked, and feel this product is helping there also. I agree with everyone else that there has to be a better bottle dispenser cap or make the liquid thicker to avoid unnecessary waste. I like this so far and hope it keeps improving my problems.