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  • Nicole - Excellent value, excellent beard oil. Great for revitalizing beards and helping with dry skin

    This is a good beard conditioner. My fiancé has a great beard, and he didn't even know you could moisturize them until we started dating. I have very sensitive skin, so beard burn was real for me, epecially when his beard was shorter. Now that it's longer, it's not as itchy on me but it does tend to look scraggly. I purchased him some beard oil sometime last year, and he liked it when he remembered to put it on

  • Victor Dias de Oliveira Santos - THESE STRIPS ARE HORRIBLE!!

    If you want to pay the same as before but have them take away the space equivalent to two of your bottom teeth, go for it.

  • Marty - Excelletn 2016 revision

    Works much like prior versions of True Image. Use the options button which is at the bottom of the opening screen to turn off all the cloud crap if you do not want that stuff (I don't), and to set up your scheduled backups. Also, I went into Windows Start up and turn off(disable) all the Acronis stuff that wants to load at start up (most programs do this, Acronis is not alone at this annoying feature).

  • Zer0 - If you find yourself beta.. and you know ...

    If you find yourself beta.. and you know who you are. If you seriously want to improve yourself; be honest about your flaws and read this book. There is nothing wrong with you, this book is a godsend. Read it and learn.:)

  • CoffeeOwl - It's now my favorite daily mouse for gaming and general PC usage

    It's now my favorite daily mouse for gaming and general PC usage. Battery lasts a long time, and plugging it in via the USB cable recognizes the mouse as a wired device, bypassing the wireless and giving you authentic dual-options: you can go either wired, or wireless. The wired cable is not just a charging cable -- it is a genuine connection just like any other USB cable mouse. Super accurate, lots of options in the software, and excellent build quality. It has the most satisfying button clicks of any mouse I've ever used. Comparing this mouse to other mice is almost like comparing a mechanical keyboard to membrane keyboards -- it's almost that big of a difference.

  • Eddie - this mouse is great! I would talk about this mouse nonstop to ...

    The Finalmouse is a bit overpriced for what you actually get. But coming from a G303, this mouse is great! I would talk about this mouse nonstop to people, like people who don't stop talking about Breaking Bad, if it were priced a bit cheaper.