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Revolution | Buy Revolution for Dogs & Cats Online $26.95 / 3pk - Discount Revolution (Stronghold) for Cats and Dogs Online from $26.95 & Discount Pet Meds. Flat shipping $3.99/order worldwide.

  • Buy Revolution for Dogs & Cats Online $26.95 / 3pk - Buy Discount Revolution (Stronghold) for Dogs and Cats Online from $26.95 / 3pk & Discount Pet Meds. Flat shipping $3.99/order worldwide

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  • LA_Sinatra - most reviews appear to be affillate sites

    checked the search engines regarding idol lash. at first i believed they were real reviews, but then each site directed me to idol lash site to purchase, and each sites headline is pretty much the same, don't buy idol lash till you visit our review site,, as the affiliate want customers to visit their site, read the questioanbale reviews, and click on their link to idol lash to make the purchase, so that affilate makes the commission.

  • Mike - You are safe with the stuff

    I did not purchase this from amazon,I went to the vitamin shop in my area and purchased. But just want to say this product really does work,and thanks to it I now have a job. I am a marijuana user so can't confirm how well it removes other drug toxins from your system. But for marijuana it does work trust me on that. I was only 3days clean and still passed it,I had my doubts believe me, but it worked!

  • dimitris - it is ok i guess

    it gets repetive t times.good story in general but inconsistent in alot of ways like it is supposed to be in the future but many of the technology they use are ancient in this universe which is 200 yera from now. further than that it is quit enjoyable wexpirience thwe story is good but i think it could hve been better if there was more interactions with aliens since they have faster than light travel and advanced technologies

  • Teddysan - Inconsistant skin tone sensor is a deal killer

    I am an Asian girl with light-medium skin tone and pitch dark hair. The skin tone sensor on the machine is VERY INCONSISTENT. Sadly I've ran into the scenario many times that the machine would do one side of underarm but would not do the other. I wouldn't say that I qualified as a pale candidate, but I'm certainly not tan by any means, not under my armpit! Same thing also happened with leg, which the machine did part of my leg and refuses to do the rest. Very frustrating! I have yet to experience per mantle hair removal like the others talked about, but the hair does grow back slower. The machine is very handy and easy to use, only if the skin tone sensor could be more consistent..