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City: 34.1372 Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Ukraine

  • Ericka J. - Wish the low reviews were here when I pruchased this version.

    As a first time user of QB for my new small business I have to say I am really disappointed in this product. As other reviewers have pointed out, this program now tries to sell you on upgrades to other services that should just be included to begin with.

  • C. Foster - Love this tv

    Love this tv, but had a problem with the sound cutting out for a split second every minute or so. I contacted Samsung and they gave me a lengthy thing to try to fix it myself. I have to say i'm disappointed in their customer service, as I would expect a little more for a new, kinda pricey, curved tv. After a few hours of trying different things, I finally have it to where it doesn't do it anymore.

  • Amazon Customer - Good product, poor packaging

    Product works well, but I do not like the dispenser. There is too much plastic and I can't get all the product out at the end. Too much waste.

  • Robert - It works good. I did this at night holding a flashlight ...

    It works good. I did this at night holding a flashlight doing this on an unfamiliar truck. That is my excuse it taking me 5 tries to set correctly. However the mistake I made was in turning the key to "accessories" position instead of the "on" position. The instructions said to turn it to "on" not the "start" position. On my 4th try, getting a little frustrated, I turned the key one more position than I had on the 3 previous tries. The door locks clicked. I was too surprised to finish the sequence in time. The 5th time was the charm. If you find yourself having my problem, remember the switch positions (OFF, ACC, ON, START).